Survival favorite returns to Earth in Ark: Extinction

Survival favorite returns to Earth in Ark: Extinction

Since its release in 2017, Ark: Survival Evolved has been steadily growing in popularity. With over 9000 new players just in the last month alone, the action survival game has become a guilty pleasure of gamers on both console and PC. This November, fans of the franchise will enjoy the final journey – Ark: Extinction.

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Huh? Ark?

For the unfamiliar, Ark is an open-world survival game where the objective is simple – survive. Set in an alien realm called “The Ark” which spans nearly 50 square km, players must gather resources to establish a base. Hostile humanoids and dinosaurs are everywhere, with part of the game mechanic being taming the latter. Explorers must also craft tools and weapons if they hope to avoid becoming dino-lunch. Players can tame dinosaurs after rendering them unconscious. Users enjoy making considerable use out of their many unique abilities. Ark has received high praise for its in-game ecosystem, which can be observed in real-time.

Ark: Extinction gameplay
Extinction throws players back to Earth – and it’s not the planet you remember.

Ark: Extinction on Earth

Described by the co-founder of Studio Wildcard Jesse Rapczak as “A ruined world in the sense that the natural life is taking over and taking its own turn,” players finally visit Earth. Where it all began, and where it will all end. Robotic and organic lifeforms have ravaged the landscape, and taken civilization with it. The role the players take on is one of exploration and discovery. Despite its post-apocalyptic nature, the planet still holds the keys to uncovering its past and more importantly – saving its future. The planet is also dominated by massive creatures called “titans” who must be defeated if Earth stands any chance of recovery. Wildcard developers promise that Ark: Extinction will deliver the closure many fans have been yearning for. On this planet, the secrets behind the creatures, the Arks and more are finally revealed.

Ark titans.
Titans offer more than players can handle in Extinction.

Let’s talk details

There’s a considerable amount of content to cover in this expansion. Ark: Extinction promises to be a chapter unlike any others in the Ark timeline. The first major feature is the presence of electromagnetic fields. These waves of technological disruption render important items, such as your GPS, useless.

The World of Ark: Extinction

Ark developers describe the world as “if it was laden in the past or future, overgrown with sci-fi and nature,”  essentially illustrating a civilization gone horribly awry. Hauntingly empty buildings pepper the terrain in various states of decay, while native overgrowth sprawls across the entire map. The game world, called Corrupted Earth, features several PVE-style raids against various corrupted creatures. These abominations must be defeated to progress in Extinction, just like previous chapters. The previously-mentioned Titans serve as gigantic minibosses, roaming the area and attacking anyone in their path. An exciting feature, however, is that these formidable enemies can be tamed by anyone who bests them. There are also corrupted dinosaurs, which operate in a strange hive-like mentality. These coerced animals can and will raid player settlements for resources.

New critters!

Extinction brings with it a variety of new creatures. Alongside the previously-discussed Frost Titan, here are some of what players can expect to encounter:

Ark: Extinction scout

Scouts: Flying drone creatures piloted by the player for exploration. Must kill them and craft one from their remains.

Ark:Extinction gasbag.

The gasbag will serve as a kind of pack mule, which suggests that it will assist in inventory. Players must also kill this creature in order to get the materials necessary to tame it.

Ark:Extinction enforcers.

Enforcers: Small rideable creatures capable of short-distance teleportation. They function similarly to Attack Drones.

Corrupted dinosaurs will have several unique aspects to them. Being a ‘hive-mind’ creature means that would-be trainers won’t be taming them any time soon. In addition, they are extremely aggressive – even dinosaurs which would normally be more cautious. Players will have to defend themselves against packs of T-Rex, Giganotosaurus’ and Dimorphodons. There will be more corrupted dinosaur reveals in the coming months up to Ark: Extinction’s release.

Ark dinosaur fight.
Corrupted dinosaurs raid player bases in Extinction.

Extinction also adds a considerable amount of new weapons, skins, and resources.

Explorer notes

Ark just wouldn’t be Ark without the prolific (and kinda haunting) explorer notes. Actual survivors left these behind and they piece the story of Ark together. Included in these are the dino dossiers, left by explorer Helena Walker. Ark: Extinction offers all-new entries for both the new critters on Earth, as well as lore directly linked to the secrets of corrupted Earth. Currently, we only know of the frost titan’s dino dossier. Ark will certainly keep us posted on the rest.

Curious about Ark? Looking to come back for Extinction? There’s no better time than the present to dive in and delete some dinos.

Ark: Extinction drops on November 6, 2018, with an option to purchase through the season pass.