Supercars Eseries 2021 announced for competitive online racing
Supercars Eseries 2021
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Supercars announces 2021 Eseries for competitive online racing

The Supercars Eseries is set to start next week
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The pandemic has struck a blow to all forms of physical-world events, and car racing is no exception. While the Formula 1 and Supercars events can still continue, fans and spectators can’t be part of the live action. Supercars answered the call for fan-engagement last year by launching the Supercars Eseries. Now, the Eseries is back for another year, with the 2021 Cash Converters Supercars Eseries. This year’s event features a $26,500 prize pool for the pro-gamer portion of the Championship.

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Supercars Eseries, then and now

Last year, the Supercars Eseries had several elements to engage fans. Anyone could enter the series, as long as they had been successful in the qualifying stage beforehand. Pro drivers from the real-world Supercars Championship series also featured in certain rounds throughout the series. Even international stars from Formula 1 and NASCAR made appearances during the series too, including Lando Norris. There’s no word on whether international drivers will be part of the series for 2021 just yet. However, based on the general response from viewers in 2020, there’s a good chance some of the drivers will return.

Following the 2020 format, the 2021 Cash Converters Supercars Eseries will take place on iRacing. There are six rounds in the series, with fans getting a say on one of the chosen circuits.

Racing format and schedule

Unlike last year, the 2021 Eseries will feature a new track and a fan-voted circuit. Each week, there will be two series, an All Star Series and a Pro Series. The Pro Series will see the same drivers each week, where elite gamers represent a Supercars team. The All Stars Series pits current Supercars and Dunlop Super2 drivers against one another. It’s here where we might see real-world, internationally recognized drivers make an appearance.

Each week, the track will be set, with the All Stars and the Pros tackling different circuits. In week 4, the fans will vote to decide which Formula 1 track the Pros will race on.

Here’s the line up, starting from next week:

Round Date Circuit – All Stars Series Circuit – Pro Series
1 August 25 Charlotte Red Bull Ring
2 September 1 Pocono Long Beach
3 September 8 Daytona Road America
4 September 15 Michigan Fan voted track
5 September 22 Bathurst Enduro Bathurst Enduro
6 September 29 Bristol Phillip Island

The track options for Round 4 of the Pro Series are Silverstone (England), Montreal (Canada), Monza (Italy) and Hockenheim (Germany). The Red Bull Ring is also a new track for the series.

Drivers, gamers and pros

Teams have started to announce their drivers for the Superscars Eseries. Team 18 has confirmed Scott Pye will race again in the Eseries.

Pye will be one of the All Stars drivers this year, featuring in Team 18’s sole team for 2021. Pye competed in the Supercars Eseries last year, and was one of the crowd favorites. While Pye came 16th in the series last time out, the driver said he “really embraced” the fan engagement aspect of the event. Brodie Kosteckim has also been confirmed to return for the 2021 series, where he’ll be racing in the All Stars series with the Boost Mobile team. Boost Mobile are also entering Jarrad Filsell, another returning pro-gamer from the 2020 competition. Filsell finished fourth overall in the last year’s Pro Series and he’ll be competing in the Pro Series once again in 2021.

Where to watch the Supercars Eseries

The Cash Converters Supercars Eseries will be aired on Wednesday nights (AEST) live on Fox Sports 506, Kayo and 7Plus. For international viewers, it’s best to catch the action on Supercars’ Twitch, Facebook and YouTube channels.

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