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VALORANT’s new map, Breeze, released on April 23 and the strategy of this addition differs greatly from other maps. Similar to Counter-Strike’s map Cache, it requires teams to gain a strong middle control and spread out in order to counter enemy pushes. There is also a variety of spawn peeks that work perfectly due to the openness of the map.

Defense strategy on Breeze

Just like on Counter-Strike’s Cache, players should use the first few rounds to figure out who their opponent is playing. For example, if a player picks up that the opponent prefers five-man rushing a site, they can use this to their advantage. Knowing that, a player can have a teammate push up mid-early and flank the opponent immediately, taking them by surprise. If the enemy is playing a default and spreading their players around the map, a player can take a few teammates and push one section of the map. Due to the map being so large, it is almost impossible to have three players in the same spot on a default. So, if three members push against one or two players in any given part of the map, teams can easily get a man advantage and win more rounds.

Offense strategy on Breeze

Over on offense, sentinels are going to be the key to victory. As explained above, if a team wants to run a default, their players are going to be spread out from one another. This means that they will be open to enemy pushes. The best strategy to counter this on Breeze is to use sentinels to patrol an area. If playing as sage, players can wall off certain spots mid-round in order to prevent the defense player’s ability to sneak up on them. If playing Killjoy, players can use the turret or alarm bot to patrol a chokepoint while they watch middle. Cypher can do the same with his tripwires and cameras.

Spawn Peeks

With such an open map, there is an opportunity for defenders to peek early and get an early advantage. One such spawn peek is in the video below. For this specific peek, any character that can boost themselves up to high ground (Jett, Omen, etc.) can do this. Utilizing spawn peeks in competitive matches is essential to winning. It gives a team an early advantage to play off of the rest of the game.