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They’re back! You saw them at last year’s Fortnite Summer Smash. You’ve seen them online. They are your Twitch streaming, YouTube videoing, influencing celebrities. All the big names from around the internet will be dropping into Melbourne for the 2020 Fortnite Summer Smash competition.

Celebrities from around the globe

After the success of last year’s Fortnite Summer Smash, it would seem silly not to have some of the biggest names return to the competition. Players from more than 12 countries will be in attendance including Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, USA, China, Japan, New Zealand, and of course Australia. You’ll probably recognize names like Lachlan, Lazarbeam, Loserfruit, Muselk, MrFreshAsian, and plenty more. These gamers made an appearance last year and will make the return. They’ll each be playing in both competitions of the Fortnite Summer Smash.

It’s celebrities like these who help drive a lot of viewership not only to Fortnite, but also to the Australian Open, the pro tennis competition that Fortnite Summer Smash is hosted alongside. Mark Riedy, the Australian Open Summer Smash organizer, commented on the success of last year’s competition and how it helps build the pro esports landscape in Asia Pacific:

In our first year the Summer Smash generated more than 11 million views on YouTube alone, and hundreds of thousands of fans tuned into live broadcasts via digital platforms. We know the potential this event has and want to ensure we continue to build year-on-year to be one of the best competitive gaming events not only in the Asia Pacific region, but the world.

Celebrities will be in Melbourne to showcase their skills and take home the victory. Image: Supplied

We’ve got our hands on the confirmed list of competitors:

  • Lachlan
  • Lazarbeam
  • Muselk
  • MrFreshAsian
  • Loserfruit
  • Mully
  • Faze Replays
  • BenjyFishy
  • Tannar
  • Mitr0
  • Jaomock: Youtube
  • X2Twins
  • Nyhrox
  • Solary Airwaks
  • AlexAce

More international names are yet to be named. We’ll keep you updated!

Fortnite Summer Smash Format

Similar to the 2019 format, the Summer Smash consists of two main competitions. The first is the official pro gaming championship. This will feature a $400,000 AUD prize pool. It’s the biggest — in terms of prize money – competitive gaming tournament ever in Australia. It’s on par with last year. The prize breakdown is also similar:

1st place: $100,000
2nd place: $40,000
3rd place: $25,000
4th place: $18,000
5th place: $11,000
6th place: $10,000
7th place: $8,000
8th place: $6,000
9th place: $5,000
10th-24th place: $3,000
25th-90th place: $2,000

Pro gamers from all over the world will come to compete for this prize pool. The popular X2Twins will be back! X2Twins consists of two players, Jesse and Jordan. X2 Twins Jesse is the one to beat, having won the competition last year and returning to claim victory again. The Summer Smash Championship cup is played solos, so there’s no teaming up! Many other notable players from around the world will also be competing. Check out the full list and spot your faves.

Celebrity Pro-Am

Alongside the Fortnite Summer Smash competition is the Pro-Am. Played during last year’s smash, and in many other competitions around the world, the Pro-Am is a charity event. Celebrities from many industries, not just esports, are invited to participate. Unlike last year, 2020 will consist of trios instead of duos. Teams will take the floor at Margaret Court and battle it out for the win. This is one of the most exciting games. People who’ve never played Fortnite before can be teamed up with complete pros. It makes for some interesting gameplay. In the charity Pro-Am, the cash prize winners donate their earnings to a charity of their choice. Here’s the breakdown of the $100,000 AUD prize pool:

1st place: $30,000
2nd place: $21,000
3rd place: $15,000
4th place: $12,000
5th place: $6,000
6th place: $4,500
7th-10th place: $3,000

With all the bush fires raging in Australia, there’s bound to be a number of players donating to the cause. Many of the influencers, streamers, and YouTubers will be competing in both the Summer Smash Solo’s Championship and the Charity Pro-Am. There will be plenty of time to watch your favorite gamer.

Happy competitors after the completion of last year’s Summer Smash. Image: Supplied

Where to watch

If you’re in Melbourne, then you’re lucky! Or if you’re traveling for the Australian Open, even better. Ticket holders will have access to the Fortnite Summer Smash competition taking place on Feb. 1 2020 AEST for the Pro-Am and Feb. 2 for the Solos Championship. You can grab a ticket for the Summer Smash on the official Australian Open website. You’ll need this Fortnite-specific ticket to access the arena for viewing the competition. The ticket also grants access to the Australian Open grounds, so get set for some great entertainment!

Not lucky enough to travel to Melbourne? Have no fear, as there will be plenty of ways to get in on the action. We’ll have all the details on where to watch once the official viewing channels have been announced.

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