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For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players looking to get creative in the game, we have some exciting news for you. During a recent advertisement on Nintendo’s YouTube channel this past Tuesday, eagle-eyed viewers noticed something new added to the menu — a stage builder option. Now, this option is nothing new to the series and has been available in the two previous installments. This new addition to the game has not been officially announced by Nintendo, so it may have been revealed in the advertisement a little early.

Either way, it is definitely something for players to look forward to. While it most likely will never be used in competitions, it is something players have probably been waiting for since the game came out. When watching the ad below, keep a sharp eye out for the new menu option at the two-second mark.


It’s one of the top-selling games

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was actually one of the top five best selling games last year in just the United States alone. While we await more DLC characters, (Joker, we await you with great anticipation.) this gives us a hint of what is to come at the next Nintendo Direct. Sadly, we do not have an actual date of the next one, so this will have to do until then.

Once we have more detailed information on that, we will be sure to post it. What will be interesting to see is what other goodies are in store for this game beyond DLC characters and in-game events. With Mortal Kombat 11 hitting the Nintendo Switch this year, Smash needs to keep itself fresh if it wants to keep up its popularity. When the stage builder is 100% confirmed and added it will be cool to see players’ creativity come to life. Let us know if you plan to utilize this new option or if you even want it added.