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Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at Epic_Tournament on August 7. Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero hosted the event for any players subscribed to his Twitch channel.

Sparg0 swept through the first part of pools with 2-0 wins over “ChaseMe,” Christian “Decal” Rodas, and Brandon “Bluxious” Licata. He advanced into the top 32 by defeating Rick “Rickles” Aguayo 2-1. Then, Sparg0 beat Robert “Myran” Herrin 2-0 and Carrington “Wrath” Osborne 2-1 to reach the top 8 on winners side.

Sparg0 kicked off top 8 with a definitive 3-0 victory over Nathaniel “Enarmonía” Stein. After that, he narrowly defeated Michael “Riddles” Kim 3-2 in Winners Finals. Finally, Sparg0 conquered Carlos “Sonix” Pérez 3-1 in Grand Finals to win Epic_Tournament. This marked his first tournament victory since his return to competitive online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in July.

Other results from Epic_Tournament

Riddles scored several impressive wins on his road to Winners Finals at Epic_Tournament. He reached winners side of top 8 with 2-1 victories over Noah “Sharp” McCulley and Joshua “JMafia” Rodriguez. Riddles also defeated Sonix 3-2 before losing to Sparg0 and Sonix to finish in 3rd place.

Matthew “hisoka96” Bohne had an unexpected run to 4th place, despite losing to Erick “Necro” Garcia in top 32. In losers, hisoka96 beat Jessie “JeJaJeJa” Valdez, Bryan “Uncivil ninja” Blodgett, and Grayson Ramos to reach top 8. From there, he eliminated JMafia and Enarmonía before losing to Sonix.

Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez lost to “Apple” in his second match at Epic_Tournament. However, he managed to go on a deep losers run that led him to 7th place. Notably, MkLeo won his runback against Apple to advance out of pools. Then, he eliminated Matthew “MattBro” Johns, Sharp, Jerry Powell, and Wrath. Ultimately, MkLeo’s run ended when he lost to Santiago “Chag” Perez in top 8.