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The SpaceStation Gaming team is the first North American RLCS Season X regional champions. After signing Slater “Retals” Thomas to the roster ahead of the season, SSG has been nearly unstoppable, going 23-2 in series (19W streak) over the course of four weeks.

SpaceStation Gaming takes home the points in the first RLCS Season X NA Regional

RLCS Season X’s overhaul means we’ll get a lot of regionals and majors. This was just the first of many, though the question is who can stop SpaceStation from taking them all, at least until the World Championship next spring. For now, SpaceStation leads in points to earn their spot for the world stage.

Teams such as NRG, The Peeps (formerly Pittsburgh Knights), and Team Envy have looked fairly scary, but none have been able to match the consistency of SSG lately. The players, Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin, Tshaka “Arsenal” Lateef Taylor Jr, and Retals haven’t even been around in the RLCS for that long. Yet here they are, firmly at the top of North America with no one to truly challenge their spot.

What’s next?

SSG’s win means the first regionals are done and dusted for both Europe and North America, and it’s time to look forward to the next event, which is happening next week, in fact. The RLCS train has left the station and is not planning to stop any time soon. With three regionals to play per split, the season goes full steam ahead.

Next weekend, we’re headed back to Europe for the RLCS X Regional Event 2 for two weeks, where anything can and will happen. With major upsets across the board in the first regional, it’ll be a wild ride to see if Regional Event 2 is just as crazy.

Two weeks later, SpaceStation Gaming gets to defend their title in North America. Of course, in between, the Grid continues to be played every week on Thursdays and Fridays, and if we take a look at who’s leading there—oh look, it’s SpaceStation Gaming again.

The season is proving entertaining indeed, with storylines unfolding at supersonic speed.