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South Asia will now have a more direct route to international competition in VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 as NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games have announced a new tournament series that feeds into the Asia Pacific Challengers Playoffs. Teams from South Asia will compete in the VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2022 for a chance at international VCT action.

“Extremely excited that our teams in SA will now have an avenue to international VCT events via the APAC playoffs!” Alex Archambault, the lead of League operations in South East Asia, said. “Looking forward to seeing the top two teams from the VCC take on the rest of SEA’s best!”


The South Asia region pertains to mainly India, Pakistan and Nepal. Previously, teams from South Asia could only qualify for one international VCT event, VALORANT Champions. The teams would compete in their own regional Riot sponsored events, also called VALORANT Conquerors Championship, with the winner qualifying for a spot in the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers. In 2021, Global Esports qualified for the event and bowed out of the competition in the second round.

Now, South Asian teams will have more opportunities to qualify for international events and show their worth on the stage. It also gives esports organizations that have invested in VALORANT, like Global Esports and Enigma Gaming, a reason to stick around in the title — other than their one shot at international glory.

“We’ve seen a huge interest build up among South Asian players for our VCC property since its launch, as it gives all VALORANT players an opportunity to compete and leave their mark at an international level,” Akshat Rathee, co-founder of NODWIN Gaming told talkesport. “This is the second year we are working with Riot on the VCC and together we aim to elevate the level of the competition this year.”

Start dates for the tournament series, and SEA and APAC VCT competition, have yet to be released at the time of publishing.

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