Sources: Karmine Corp offer deal to Hans Sama; Rekkles exploring options
Karmine Corp Hans Sama

Sources: Karmine Corp offer deal to Hans Sama; Rekkles exploring options

The Swedish bot

Karmine Corp is attempting to acquire bot laner Steven “Hans sama” Liv, whose contract with Team Liquid is being terminated, sources have told Upcomer on Tuesday. As a consequence, bot laner Carl Martin Erik “Rekkles” Larsson is currently exploring options in the League Of Legends European Championship.

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Hans Sama wants to return to Europe following a disappointing year with Team Liquid after the organization failed to qualify to the World Championship. Team Liquid have already publicly announced that they’re going to change their roster for 2023. Part of those changes includes the departure of Hans Sama, sources added.

Several LEC teams have expressed interest in the French bot laner. Karmine Corp is also one of the teams who expressed interest. Despite not being in the LEC, the organization is still in the possibility of acquiring Astralis spot,  reported by Upcomer last month.

The offer Karmine Corp sent to Hans Sama has been well received and will allegedly be completed if certain conditions are met. The organization has allowed Rekkles to talk with other teams. The team’s current bot laner has subsequently started to explore options in the LEC. This follows a year with ups and downs with KC. While the team failed to make it to the European Masters this summer, they have lifted the trophy of its spring edition.

Karmine Corp achieved the historic signing of Rekkles last year for a buyout cost of over $1 milion for a two-year contract.

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