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Inactive 100 Thieves player Quan “dicey” Tran is in talks to join Knights’ VALORANT team, multiple sources told Upcomer on Tuesday. 

Dicey, known for his time with 100 Thieves during First Strike, has played with the side following a trial period. The move is yet to be confirmed, however. 

If he joins Knights, he will replace Terry “dsr” Rioux, who was removed from the team in July following a nine month period, as first reported by Upcomer. The roles on the team will be changed, however, with Dicey continuing to play duelist. 

Dicey has only played one match of professional VALORANT in the past seven months, making his only appearance during the VALORANT Championship Tour Stage 3 Challengers 1 round of 16. 100 Thieves played against Noble in a best of three series to qualify for the event. Dicey was subbed in to replace Ethan “Ethan” Arnold because he experienced internet issues. 

While Ethan returned for the second map, Dicey helped 100 Thieves secure the first map on Haven. Noble would return the favor and win map two, but 100 Thieves closed out the victory on the third map, Ascent. 

While 100 Thieves have been performing well in VCT, Dicey has remained on the sidelines. Knights, on the other hand, failed to qualify for the most recent Challengers event in July. Knights lost an intense game with Dark Zero in the round of 16 after the three match thriller ended in a 2-1 defeat for Knights. 

Knights, like most other teams in North America, will likely have another opportunity to qualify for the professional VCT circuit next year. 

100 Thieves, on the other hand, must prepare for the Last Chance qualifier, which is set to begin next month. 100 Thieves, alongside teams like Cloud9 Blue, Version1, Gen.G and XSET will go head to head to try and secure the last North American spot at Challengers, the biggest VALORANT event of the year. 

If Dicey joins Knights the organization will field the following roster: 

  • Dicey 
  • Bryan “MAKKA” Drouillard
  • Jonathan “silenx” Huntington
  • Damion “XXiF” Cook
  • Drake “Exalt” Branly