Snitch on HGC: "We're very confident we'll get three European seeds at Blizzcon"

Snitch on HGC: “We’re very confident we’ll get three European seeds at Blizzcon”

We’re live from Phase 2 of HGC’s Western Clash! Team Dignitas swept Method in a 3-0 stomp and we spoke with the team’s flex player, Joshua “Snitch” Bennett, after the match. We discussed how the team prepares for matches, how they deal with stage jitters, and how confident they are in Europe’s dominance over the west.

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Hi, I’m Taha Zaidi of Daily Esports and I’m here with Joshua Bennett, aka Snitch!

So in your comments before today’s match, you were talking about how you have to prepare for multiple scenarios. Have you guys prepared for specific teams for tomorrow’s games as well or were you just focused on right now?

I think we kinda take each game as it comes. We like to watch the matches and see how the other teams play beforehand so we have an idea of the meta they want to play, but I think we definitely prepare individually for each game as we come to it.

Who are you expecting, if you had an expectation, to face in your next match?

I think I expect Leftovers to be in the next match. They looked very very strong in their opening game against HeroesHearth and obviously Team Freedom is a weaker team, in theory, from North America. So I think Leftovers should be able to take this series quite confidently.

Do you guys still feel confident that you’ll get three European seeds at Blizzcon?

I think we’re very confident we’ll get three European seeds at Blizzcon.

You also talked about how the atmosphere is so different on stage. Are you guys at that point where you’re weathered enough to where it doesn’t phase you anymore or do you still feel those jitters when you come on stage?

I think we’re all definitely very weathered at this point. [POILK] is the newest member but I don’t even think he struggles with it anymore. I think we all kinda have the same mentality of, you know you have a few minutes where it’s a bit weird, but you get in the game and you’re completely focused. POI’s been playing very good on stage ever since his first stint in Gold Club, which was last year. He had a few nervous games and everyone made fun of him but nowadays he plays very very confidently and we’re all very focused.

And if there’s ever a situation where somebody feels nervous or jittery or something like that, is that something your coaching staff handles on an individual basis or is that a group thing that you guys all discuss.

I think it’s a bit of both. I think Nabby, who’s our main coach, is very very helpful for interpersonal things. But at the same time, we’re all very confident and friendly as a group so I think we’re good at keeping each other focused and confident.

Awesome, thank you so much!

We hope you guys enjoyed our interview with Snitch. Our interview with Wubby will be posted later today, as well as recaps for each day of games. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of the latest coverage as we keep track of HGC Western Clash, Phase 2!