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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 11.0.0 released on March 4, adding Pyra and Mythra to the game and making several new balance changes. Patch notes for the newest update confirm that several high-tier characters received multiple nerfs. These include Zero Suit Samus, Wario, Palutena, Joker and Min Min.

Character nerfs

Zero Suit Samus’ Up-B is now slower, and her neutral-air leaves her more vulnerable after use. Meanwhile, Wario now has a shorter window to land his up-tilt. The strongest versions of his Wario Waft are also slower. In addition, Joker is now more vulnerable after using his Side-B, as well as his Down-B when Arsene is not present to trigger a counter.

Palutena incurred three nerfs, the greatest number of any character in Smash Ultimate version 11.0.0. She is now more vulnerable after using her dash attack and forward-air, and her standing grab has less range.

Min Min’s forward-smash received two separate adjustments: she can not charge it for as long as she could previously, and the launch distance has been reduced for the laser when she has the Dragon ARM equipped. Additionally, the vulnerability of Min Min’s air dodge has been adjusted to match that of other characters.

Major buffs in Smash Ultimate version 11.0.0 patch notes

Two characters–Pichu and Byleth–received multiple buffs in Smash Ultimate version 11.0.0. Pichu, a former top-tier who received many nerfs earlier in Ultimate’s lifespan, now deals less damage to itself when using the following moves: forward-smash, forward-air, forward-throw, Side-B and Up-B. Pichu’s ears are also invincible now during the strongest hitbox of its neutral-air.

Byleth also received substantial buffs in this patch, much to the delight of Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez. Byleth’s down-smash and forward-air now send opponents further, and their down-air does more damage to shields. Their Side-B leaves them less vulnerable in the air, and opponents who shield the attack will experience greater lag. Finally, Byleth’s Up-B is faster, and the second portion of the attack where they step on the opponent will launch an opponent with high damage further.

Other changes

A handful of characters received more minor buffs in Smash Ultimate version 11.0.0. Captain Falcon and Ganondorf are now less vulnerable after grabbing an opponent with their Up-Bs. Dedede’s Side-B received many buffs, now boasting less vulnerability, a higher chance that the Gordo will stick to a wall and more speed when Dedede returns a Gordo that his opponent reflected.

Little Mac’s up-smash now has longer hit detection and Mii Gunner’s forward-smash has more range. Steve’s down-smash also has more range and Sephiroth can more easily hit multiple times with his Down-B. Conversely, Diddy Kong was the only character who received a single nerf. He must now wait longer between throwing banana peels he pulls using his Down-B.

Finally, Smash Ultimate version 11.0.0 normalized the vulnerability time for many characters after they are crumpled by an attack like Ryu’s Focus Attack or Ridley’s Skewer. The following characters were affected by this general balance change: Link, Jigglypuff, Zelda, R.O.B., Villager, all three of the Mii Fighters, Shulk, Isabelle, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, Byleth and Min Min.