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The Mid-Season update went live last night in Call of Duty: Vanguard and introduced a plethora of bug fixes and other changes. It also added some unexpected features to Vanguard that are not currently usable. One of these features is a weapon inspect option, which is available in the keybinds section of multiplayer. Players are not able to actually inspect their weapons as of yet, though.

The weapon inspect has been a feature in Call of Duty titles for several years. It became a mainstay when COD WWII launched, leading to Black Ops 4, Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War all having the option at some point. However, when Vanguard launched, players noticed there was no option to inspect their weapons in the game settings. Up until this point, it has not been a feature whatsoever in the newest Call of Duty title.

When the Mid-Season update arrived, though, the option became visible.

Weapon inspect option coming soon to Vanguard

Players first discovered the weapon inspect option when browsing through the PC keybinds menu of the Vanguard settings. Players are able to assign a keybind to the option but are unable to actually use that keybind to any avail in a match.

Sledgehammer Games has not yet commented on whether or not this was an intentional addition to the settings. No matter what weapon players try and use the inspect keybind on, it will not work. So this could be a case of Sledgehammer accidentally adding the option to the current build of the game while the feature isn’t quite ready.

Once the weapon inspect feature goes live, players can assign it a keybind and press it to hold their gun up in the air to look at it. If previous games are any indication, Mastercraft guns could have a unique weapon inspect animation as well, like in Black Ops Cold War. Players will have to wait for more information from the developers on this feature.

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