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Editor’s note: This article was updated on March 11 to include Won’s response to the allegations by Cleo Hernandez.

Former Overwatch League MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won is under investigation by his Valorant team, Sentinels, and Riot Games following sexual assault allegations by his ex-girlfriend, Cleo Hernandez. 

The Valorant star has also been suspended from competing in the first round of the upcoming VCT Masters, set to begin tomorrow, Riot announced earlier today.

Sentinels, which signed Won in  April 2020, have themselves temporarily suspended the 20-year old while their internal investigation is ongoing.

Both investigations stem from several sexual assault allegations made by Hernandez, who shared an extensive document through Twitter on March 9 alleging several instances of manipulation and sexual assault during their nine month relationship. 

Won denied the allegations of sexual assault but will continue to co-operate with the investigation, the player announced last night. 

Hernandez alleges that “’No’ was never an option when it came to him [Won],” referring to several instances in which Won allegedly continued to have sex with Hernandez despite the pain it regularly caused following a medical procedure to insert an IUD for contraceptive purposes.

Content warning: Hernandez goes into details of her alleged experiences with sexual assault and emotional abuse in her statement.

In an audio file attached to the document, Won can allegedly be heard saying “I’m close” to Hernandez after she says “no” two times. Hernandez alleges that Won was “physically moving” her to engage in sex, although Hernandez says she refused. 

Hernandez also attached supposed text conversations between the pair during their relationship. 

“He used to check my location to see where I was, which was fine, but sometimes it would glitch and he’d instantly accuse me of cheating,” she wrote while showing texts of Won supposedly requesting Hernandez’ location at the time. 

Following a now-deleted Tweet made by Hernandez which supposedly referenced a map loss against the Houston Outlaws for Won’s former Overwatch League team, the San Francisco Shock, Won allegedly called the Tweet “retarded” and told her he didn’t “want to see stupid fucking shit like that.” 

Hernandez said she lived in “constant fear that he would find something to be mad about” during their relationship and was allegedly ridiculed by Won, with the former Overwatch League star labelling her a “liar.” 

“It might be a year later, but I’m still dealing with the damage he did to me every single day,” she wrote. 

Sentinels have yet to field Won’s replacement at the time of publication.

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