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Shuto “Shuton” Moriya won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at Karisuma SP 3 in Obu, Chubu, Japan on July 6. Shuton has had a hot streak of 1st place finishes since Stunfest 2019 in May. His last tournament win was Sumabato SP 5 in June. Karisuma SP 3 marks Shuton’s fourth significant tournament victory in a row.

Shuton cruised into top 8 on winners side with little difficulty. He accrued 2-0 victories over “Usao”, “Renya”, “shky”, and “Masha” along the way.  In Winners Semis, Shuton defeated “Sigma” in yet another 2-0 win.

Shuton went to game three for the first time in Winners Finals. There, he edged out a 2-1 set win over Takuma “Tea” Hirooka. However, Shuton retaliated with a 2-0 over Tea in Grand Finals. Therefore, Shuton won Karisuma SP 3 while dropping only one game.

Karisuma SP 3 does not count for the Summer 2019 PGRU. This is because it had a cap of 128 entrants. For a tournament outside of the United States to count as a C-tier, it must have at least 160 entrants. As a result, Shuton’s performance at this tournament will have no bearing on his ranking for this season. Nevertheless, his continually good performances prove that Shuton can excel even in spite of the nerfs to his main character, Olimar.

Other results from Karisuma SP 3

Yuta “Abadango” Kawamura placed a relatively disappointing 13th at Karisuma SP 3. He dropped into the losers bracket early, losing to “OCEAN” in the second round of winners bracket. Abadango defeated the likes of “Rizeo”, “Tsumusuto”, and “Kome” on his subsequent losers run. However, he suffered another upset loss to “DIO” and was eliminated from the tournament in top 16.

Unsurprisingly, Tea earned many impressive wins en route to 2nd place. He defeated Rizeo, “Shimo”, and “K,R” to advance into Winners Quarters. His run continued with wins over “Masashi” and Eita “HIKARU” Hoshi. Tea’s final win came in Losers Finals, where he defeated Sigma 2-1.