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After a weekend of matches, Wang “ShuiMoo” Qihao became the Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran champion. He won the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran used the Conquest format, which involves players bringing four decks and four unique classes to the event. Each player also utilized the opportunity to ban one of their opponent’s decks.

Conquest format. Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

ShuiMoo’s journey to the top

When ShuiMoo made it to the quarter-finals, he went up against opponent HSKeDaiBiao, earning a score of 3-0. To get the clean sweep, ShuiMoo first achieved lethal with the help of Alexstrasza the Life-Binder in his Rush Warrior deck.

Next, he bested his opponent using OTK Demon Hunter, dealing 24 damage to the face for exact lethal. In the third game, ShuiMoo opted for his Miracle Rogue deck and won using a Wicked Stab (Rank 2) after getting through his opponent’s Ogremancer. The Ogremancer card created a 2/2 Taunt minion whenever the opponent cast a spell.

When ShuiMoo won with Miracle Rogue, HSKeDaiBiao held up a sign with words to cheer him on.

ShuiMoo becomes Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran champion
ShuiMoo wins with Miracle Rogue and HSKeDaiBiao cheers him on. Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Warrior, Demon Hunter and Rogue victories

In the semi-finals, ShuiMoo went up against Franjo “reqvam” Blažević. With the help of E.T.C., the God of Metal, ShuiMoo won the first game. The card dealt 2 damage to his opponent’s face after the attack of a friendly Rush minion.

ShuiMoo earned another point using OTK Demon Hunter in the next game, drawing into his combo and dealing 36 damage to face. Although reqvam prevented a sweep and tied the score in the following games, ShuiMoo brought it back with Miracle Rogue and earned a place in the finals.

ShuiMoo becomes Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran champion
ShuiMoo’s Miracle Rogue deck. Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Chinese players dominate Masters Tour Dalaran

In the finals, ShuiMoo played Rush Warrior, OTK Demon Hunter and Miracle Rogue once again for the win. He went up against Lin “OmegaZero” Zheng and swept his opponent 3-0.

The first game was won when ShuiMoo had lethal on the board and OmegaZero bowed out. Next, ShuiMoo dealt 24 damage to his opponent’s face thanks to his OTK Demon Hunter combo. ShuiMoo then completed his clean sweep in a Rogue mirror match.

ShuiMoo becomes Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran champion
Three out of four Top four players are from China. Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

With this victory, ShuiMoo became the Hearthstone Masters Tour Dalaran champion.