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First-person shooter legend Michael “shroud” Grzesiek says Valorant‘s release is too early. Riot Games’ debut FPS Valorant has been in closed beta since April 7. Since then, thousands of players have tested the game around the world. While the beta has sparked immense interest and inspired a budding esports scene, it’s also showcased the game’s flaws.

To the delight of fans, Riot announced that the beta will conclude and the official game release date is this June 2. Of course, there’s been overwhelming support for the game’s release. But former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro shroud shares it could be a huge mistake.

Valorant is not ready.”

The day after Riot’s announcement, shroud tweeted his normal “going live” notification. However, he captioned his tweet with, “Valorant is launching too early.” During his stream, he expanded on his statement, saying, “Valorant is not ready.” He then dove into greater detail by expressing he thinks Riot is “pressuring these little dogs” (the actual development team) to release the game.

The Mixer superstar said he’s “pretty confident” Valorant developers are aware of the game’s unfinished state. Additionally, he believes the game is missing content and noted players can barely get a stable 60 FPS at times.

Community feedback supports shroud’s opinion. There are ample reports of unstable FPS, server issues, and cheaters. Furthermore, posts of game-breaking glitches and bugs pop up every day in Valorant‘s Reddit.

Although, shroud said it’s at least possible the developers will have a fix to “every single problem by launch.” He then went back around and said the “game runs pretty good” and admits Valorant is “close” to being done. With this in mind, shroud assures the game’s release won’t be the worst he’s seen.

It’s hard to say whether Riot Games has the time and resources to address all of the issues. The entire development team is working from home, which may inhibit progress. We’ll just have to wait and see if the hype lives on after Valorant‘s official release.