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Whenever a new Call of Duty game releases, the player base has certain quandaries in regards to multiplayer. With so many different weapons, perks, and equipment to choose from, the decision making isn’t always easy at first. However, there’s perhaps no harder decision in Black Ops Cold War than picking between the two bolt-action sniper rifles. The Pellington 703 and LW3 – Tundra are fairly similar stats-wise and both perform relatively the same. Of course, one is more popular than the other and there’s a clear cut choice as to which you should be equipping.

The Pellington or Tundra sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer?

When looking at the Pellington and Tundra, players don’t immediately see a huge difference. The Tundra has slightly more firepower, but the Pellington handles a little better. Both of these strengths are important when it comes to sniper, so players are stumped when it comes to choosing one to equip.

However, the general consensus has seen a majority of players pick the LW3 – Tundra. The damage statistic is usually what snipers look at and the Tundra definitely possesses more firepower. In most cases, you can shoot an enemy in the upper body with the bolt-action rifle and earn a kill. With the Pellington, you have to shoot more towards the head to earn that one-shot elimination.

call of duty black ops cold war tundra sniper
Image via Activision

Although, there are some that have latched onto the Pellington since it’s the first sniper you unlock in Black Ops Cold War. Due to weapon leveling being so slow, players don’t want to leave the Pellington behind to rank up an entirely new sniper rifle.

Of course, if you’re looking for the best sniper in Black Ops Cold War, we recommend using the Tundra. It features most of the capabilities of the Pellington with an added damage boost.

Which sniper have you drifted towards in the early days of Black Ops Cold War? Let us know, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.

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