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It’s hard to argue that any Call of Duty League team has had a rougher start to the 2022 season than OpTic Texas.

The star-studded roster turned in an 0-2 performance during the first week of Stage 1 qualifiers. They dropped to the London Royal Ravens and Minnesota RØKKR in heartbreaking fashion, losing two Game 5, Round 11s. However, despite this record, OpTic Texas star SMG player Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro has maintained they’re still the best team in Vanguard.

Shotzzy spoke about OpTic’s woes to start the year earlier this week on his stream. While he admitted the team has some things to work on, he wasn’t relenting in where he thinks his team stands compared to the rest of the league.

Shotzzy believes OpTic Texas are still the best

OpTic currently sit at the bottom of the CDL standings after not winning either of their matches over the weekend. They have arguably their best chance to earn a win this weekend when they match up against Paris Legion, though the rag-tag roster did give Atlanta FaZe a run for their money.

Before that match, though, Shotzzy gave OpTic Texas fans some hope. While watching some Challengers Elite gameplay on stream, he told viewers what he thinks about his team right now.

“Literally my team is so crazy,” Shotzzy said. “I promise you … we’re probably the best team in the game right now, but we’re just not showing it during matches.”

Shotzzy on OpTic being the best team
byu/dillonz321 inCoDCompetitive

Shotzzy acknowledged some fans would dismiss his comments after OpTic’s performance over the weekend. However, it doesn’t appear that the former world champion has lost any confidence in his team’s ability to succeed. In scrimmages, OpTic are beating teams left and right. When it comes to matches, though, they’ve looked helpless at times.

The talent for OpTic Texas is there, as is the experience. At times, they’ve rocked teams on certain maps and modes, proving they have what it takes to be in contention in 2022. The problem OpTic have is making little mistakes that come back to cost them in the end. These mistakes cause them to choke away maps that they otherwise should have won.

The best example of this is the Berlin Hardpoint OpTic played against Minnesota. OpTic were winning by around 60 points thanks to solid hill time and slaying out against the RØKKR. Then, OpTic let some easy rotations slip through the cracks,, and they let Minnesota claw their way back into the game. After one final failed set of rotations, OpTic lost the match and eventually the series.

If the team can clean up these mistakes, they could be a force to be reckoned with. Actions speak louder than words, though, and Shotzzy and his teammates will need to prove they can stop the mistakes and start playing up to their level of talent.

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