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The Overwatch League Season 2 Grand Finals are here. The two best teams in the league are facing off in a series live at the Wells Fargo Center. The San Francisco Shock are facing the Vancouver Titans in Philadelphia, and this match will decide who is the best team of both season two and 2019.

How did these teams get here?

They both dominated the regular season in their own way but have looked mortal at times. Most times it has been against each other, but that only adds to the weight of this last game.

With the San Francisco Shock, their playoffs began with a ton of confidence in the league. Even though they lost more games than the Titans in the season, their recent form was better. Even after obstacles, they finished with a dominant +66 map differential and two 7-0 stages (one of them being their stage two, where they didn’t lose one map). But those obstacles came back to bite them early on in the playoffs against an underdog Atlanta Reign. A hard series ended in an unfortunate way as they lost the first game in the playoffs and were sent into the losers bracket. However, they recovered from their mistakes and dominated every team on their way to the grand finals.

The Vancouver Titans were dominant for all season but also hit bumps towards the end. With the changing meta and new hero, their consistent first place spot seemed to be challenged. It was always there, the idea that the Titans weren’t as strong as people thought. Even though they also had two 7-0 stages, their last stage came with two losses. One of which was to one of the worst teams in the league all season, the Washington Justice. But after one key change at main tank, the Titans have dominated the playoffs. Not only that, but their domination was absolute, without a loss and hearkening back to their stage one form. Now, they face the team that they lost to both in stage four and in the stage two playoffs.

Vancouver Titans v San Francisco Shock Overwatch League Grand Finals

San Francisco Shock v. Vancouver Titans: Who wins the grand finals?

Honestly, this year you can make very convincing arguments for both teams.

If you’re going purely on form and momentum, the edge goes to the Titans. Yes, the Shock played one more game and were just as dominant. But the Titans didn’t lose and (as a roster) have more experience on stages like Wells Fargo. But if you’re going on depth and talent, the Shock have it. Their insane depth, versatility, and innovative plays have led them here. For the record, they have been playing their second main tank over their MVP candidate main tank and still look just as insanely good.

In my personal opinion, the edge goes to the Shock specifically because they’ve learned so well from their early loss. On the Titans side, they haven’t lost yet and might rest on their laurels a bit compared to the Shock.

But one thing I am certain of: No matter what the result, it will be a close game. These two teams have only played in games where it has gone the distance. So no matter what, make sure to tune into the Grand Finals to see the two best Overwatch teams in the world fight against one another.

Catch the grand finals live on ABC or Twitch.

Disclosure: Enthusiast Gaming owns Daily Esports and a stake in the Vancouver Titans.