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Sledgehammer Games introduced several features in Call of Duty: Vanguard on Wednesday. The Secrets of the Pacific event went live to celebrate the imminent arrival of Warzone Pacific, as did a standard playlist update. The update returned many fans’ favorite playlist thus far in Vanguard, Ship Haus 24/7. This playlist only features the maps Das Haus and Shipment on a variety of game modes and combat pacings. With this, Sledgehammer also introduced Quintuple Double XP for the second weekend in a row.

Seeing this, many players hopped into the Ship Haus playlist to try and maximize their XP gains. More specifically, they wanted to level up their weapons by earning more kills since Shipment and Das Haus are smaller maps. However, players began noticing they weren’t leveling up their weapons any faster. This is seemingly because the Ship Haus playlist has reduced players’ potential weapon XP gains in Vanguard.

Ship Haus seems to reduce weapon XP gains in Vanguard

According to Call of Duty Twitter account @ModernWarzone, the Ship Haus playlist was discovered to be giving “significantly less weapon XP” than the other maps currently available in the game.

This is apparently a widespread issue that doesn’t just apply to the Double Weapon XP event weekends in Vanguard. Even in regular matches with no Double XP active, the maps Shipment and Das Haus reportedly reward players with less weapon XP than any other map.

ModernWarzone specified that they were unsure if this is a glitch or intentional on the part of Sledgehammer. Both options would make some sense. On one hand, Vanguard has experienced its fair share of glitches since it was released. On the other hand, it’s possible Sledgehammer intentionally reduced weapon XP gains on the two smallest maps in Vanguard to ensure that players weren’t leveling up weapons too quickly.

In any case, the developers have yet to comment on the issue. They were forced to disable the Secrets of the Pacific event in Vanguard due to it causing crashes, so perhaps they’ll also look at the Ship Haus playlist if there is in fact a glitch messing with the XP rates.