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Sentinels’ defeated Fnatic in two straight games when the two teams first clashed at VCT Masters 2. On Icebox and Haven, Sentinels took the two maps 13-11 and 13-10 respectively. The two teams played a close match, but towards the end of each map, Fnatic were the team trying to force overtime. In a post-game press conference after Sentinels defeated Team Vikings in the next round, Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan said he respects Fnatic as a team that pushed Sentinels more than any other squad at VCT Masters 2: Reykjavík.

“I think they are an amazing team, they have a lot of thought behind the things they do.” ShahZaM said.

ShahZaM puts Fnatic on a pedestal

The Sentinels in-game leader did not look too challenged in their matchup against Team Vikings on Wednesday. The team dispensed of the Brazilian side 2-0, not letting them get as close as Fnatic in terms of rounds won.

After their win, ShahZaM took questions ranging from the difference between the regions, to the level of play across the world.

“Honestly, the regions are pretty similar in style,” ShahZaM said about North America compared to Europe in VALORANT. “They might run different compositions, EU uses Skye a bit more, but their approach to the game is pretty similar compared to other regions. Both are really strong.”

Despite both European teams losing out in their first VCT Masters 2 matchups, and ending up in the loser’s bracket, ShahZaM thinks Sentinels will play against other European teams like Fnatic soon. In fact, based on his comments before, the Sentinels in-game leader may be leaning towards Fnatic as that team once again.

“I may have had some reads on some rounds, but on other rounds they were very good at causing rotates,” ShahZam said. “Which you don’t see a lot in North America to be honest, so I can see why they made it this far.”

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