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Seeing what Shadowverse cards get to be new leaders is always a special treat. It was even sweeter this year for players since, in celebration of the game’s third birthday, they got to vote on who would be next. The results came out last night, with the 8 winners from each class revealed! Without further ado, here are the winners.

Liza, Queen of the Forest

Liza has been around for a while in Shadowverse (you may remember from when she was just Elf Girl Liza). She’s an iconic character for Forestcraft and has been a staple in rotation format for as long as she’s been out. She’s a fantastic choice to be a new leader.

Dionne, Dancing Blade

Dionne is a bit of an odd choice for Swordcraft. She sees very little play in Shadowverse, only popping up as a one or two of in a couple of decks in Rotation. She most likely won her poll due to the popularity of her Japanese voice actor. Dionne won the free legendary poll a bit ago solely because of that, so it’s likely the same case here again. Still, it’s a shame one of the more popular cards like Octrice, Omen of Usurption or Leod, the Crescent Blade didn’t win.

Prophetess of Creation

Prophetess is a fantastic choice. She’s been a casual favorite ever since she released in Omen of the Ten. Runecraft players enjoy the challenge of trying to summon her out with her difficult invocation requirement of playing a card of every cost 1-9. Her hitting the board is always memorable and dramatic, so it’s no surprise she won her poll.

Galmieux, Omen of Disdain

Galmieux is extremely (in)famous for what she did in Omen of the Ten format. Before her nerf, she could do damage multiple times in a turn and wipe entire boards with the greatest of ease. She’s still incredibly powerful, though, and sees play in both Unlimited and Rotation. On top of that, her disdainful lines and smirk have made her very popular with Shadowverse players. She was essentially a shoo-in to win and a great choice at that, although it is a bit disappointing she beat out Poseidon.

Aenea, Amethyst Rebel

One of the three robot girls from the Steel Rebellion story, Aenea was an expected choice to win. She’s very popular with Japanese players. Couple that with the robot girls from this expansion being generally popular, and it adds up to her winning by a landslide. It is a bit of a shame in some senses, though. Nicola, Forbidden Strength would’ve also been a fantastic choice, especially considering the impact he made in Rotation and the popularity of his character in the guilds storyline.

Mono, Garnet Rebel

Mono is another of the three robot girls from Shadowverse‘s Steel Rebellion. She created a whole new Bloodcraft deck on her own, giving players a reason to run all those mediocre Machina cards. Her voice (especially her English dub) was very popular, with the whimsical poetry lines giving players a reason to slog through the long dialogue bouts of the story mode. She’s a great choice (albeit an easy one).

Seraph Lapis, Glory Be

Who doesn’t love alternate win conditions? Seraph Lapis does just that! On top of that, the amulet she summons has been around for a long time. Many Havencraft players are glad they finally got a leader to reflect their choice of angelic instant wins.

Lishenna, Omen of Destruction

Lishenna is notorious for giving puppets a new win condition that sometimes felt nigh unbeatable (if you weren’t playing Valse, Magical Marksman that is). She’s a pop idol parody, so we’re not the least bit shocked she easily won the leader poll. Artifact players are probably a bit disappointed Deus Ex Machina still doesn’t have a leader slot, but Lishenna deserves it.


That’s all eight of Shadowverse‘s new leaders! They haven’t revealed which we’re getting first or in what order quite yet, but we do know they’re all coming soon. Which leader do you want the most? Was there another card you wanted to see win? Let us know down in the comments below, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Shadowverse and esports news!

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