Seoul Dynasty's third-fastest Junkertown attack in OWL history
Image Credit: Bethesda
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Seoul Dynasty face the Hanghzou Spark on Junkertown
Screenshot by Michael Czarnowski

Seoul Dynasty’s third-fastest Junkertown attack in OWL history

Seoul's positioning and aggression almost set a map record
This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

In the match between the Seoul Dynasty and Hangzhou Spark, the Dynasty managed to set the third-fastest attack on Junkertown.

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In the Overwatch League, these escort maps are notably among the hardest to complete. Therefore, getting large time-banks is tough. This time around, the Dynasty snowballed fight won and used their ultimates to perfection to set a top-three time on attack. According to Overwatch League’s Stats Lab, the only two Junkertown attacks that set a better time were the Paris Eternal in 2020 and Shanghai Dragons in early 2021.

How the snowball began

On Junkertown, the first fight happens in one of two places; either just after the first turn on attack or just before the cart reaches the distinguishable open area. Due to the compositions the teams were running, with Seoul running double shield against Hangzhou’s Ball/Sigma composition, the first fight happened towards the open area of the first point. Kills were traded, but the cart kept moving. As Seoul played aggressively, their crowd control abilities prevented any Spark players from touching the cart. They captured the first point after only 1:15. This was a great start despite not winning a fight cleanly. This is a testament to their positioning; always focusing the objective and limiting the value from Hanghzou’s tanks and Widowmaker.

Seoul Dynasty Junkertown 1st
Seoul Dynasty push the cart to the end of first with little trouble. | Screenshot by Michael Czarnowski

As Hangzhou desperately tried to touch the cart at the end of the first point, they died early on second and staggered their respawns for their next fight. Additionally, the Seoul Dynasty made two notable swaps, with Kim “FITS” Dong-eon moving off the Widowmaker and ParkĀ “Profit” Joon-yeong moving off the McCree. Now, having Hanzo and Tracer instead, the Dynasty adapted to the geography changes that Junkertown has from the first point to the second. Hangzhou stuck on what they were originally running, which proves to be costly.

Positioning is key

Due to the Spark’s deaths on the cart, just after the Dynasty’s capture of it, the Dynasty could hold aggressively as long as they were wary of the Spark’s ultimates. Instead of staying on cart and giving the Spark high ground, they rotated up from the bottom right. The tanks continued to be aggressive and forced badly used ultimates out of the Spark. Shin “BERNAR” Se-won gets caught with a flux, which forced his team to help with Zenyatta’s ultimate. The Spark was forced into an engagement that they were uncomfortable with. The Dynasty capitalized with Profit getting the Zenyatta as soon as his ultimate is over.

Seoul Dynasty Junkertown 2nd
The Seoul Dynasty take an aggressive high ground hold with double shield on attack. | Screenshot by Michael Czarnowski

Now, because of the position the Dynasty took, they capture second without the Spark getting another opportunity to fight. The hardest part is yet to come, as third point on Junkertown is known for its tough-to-attack design.

Seoul Dynasty’s third point on Junkertown

As the cart moved, the tanks of the Dynasty recognized how they needed to control the high ground. As their Sigma rotated right to hold that angle, the Spark’s Wrecking Ball was stunned by Sigma’s rock throw. Profit chased him in his attempted escape, killing him and starting another aggressive push. Bernar tried to use flux to stop the push, but to no avail. As the cart rounded the final corner, the Dynasty continued to get picks. As Xu “Guxue” Qiulin pushed forward to distract their players, the Spark’s team forgot to contest the point.

Seoul Dynasty Junkertown 3rd
The Seoul Dynasty hold right side and capitalize on Spark’s mistakes. | Screenshot by Michael Czarnowski

The Seoul Dynasty captured Junkertown with exactly four minutes in the time-bank. This was one second shy of the second-best attack on Junkertown ever and fourteen seconds away from the best one. The Spark made crucial errors, but the positioning and aggression from the Dynasty led them to this top-three finish.

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