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Sentinels have extended their dominance at VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters through their match against South Korean team F4Q, finishing the round-robin 2-0. While F4Q’s aggression required an adjustment from Sentinels, the team achieved a near-flawless victory on the second map, making F4Q look lost on Breeze. Afterward, Sentinels’ in-game leader Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan described it as a whirlwind experience.

“The first map was a little back and forth,” ShahZaM said in the interview with Upcomer. “The second map… I didn’t realize it was over. I feel like I didn’t even play the map, it was all Tyson (TenZ).”

Outside of playing near-perfect VALORANT against F4Q to advance to 2-0 overall, Sentinels have taken time to enjoy some of the sites outside of their hotel room. ShahZaM mentioned some of his teammates taking scooters to go see a nearby, outdoor lights displayed — something he himself had not done yet but is hoping to do soon. Additionally, ShahZam talked about a member from Vision Strikers just coming up to him in the hotel and giving him one of their jerseys, which was a new experience for the seasoned player. All in all, the team seems to be having a good time both in and outside VALORANT at Masters Berlin.

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