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Sentinels release limited edition Non-Fungible Token trophy to commemorate their Masters 1 title. The image is a rotating trophy in a case with a picture of the Sentinels squad on one side. The organization is releasing 200 for sale and cost $51.28 or 0.025 Ethereum.

An NFT is a piece of data on a block chain that can represent a unique digital item, in this case the Masters 1 trophy. With only 200 available, the digital images are a rarity and could go for a much higher value as time goes on. The digital memorabilia can be purchased through conventional currency, or the blockchain currency Ethereum (ETH).

Sentinels NFT

The Sentinels NFT comes in the wake of their dominance in the first stage of the Valorant Champions Tour. The team made the finals in two Challengers events. They won the first tournament 3-1 over Immortals and came second in the next 0-3 against Envy. But before the Masters 1 stage, Sentinels suddenly had a controvery to deal with.

The team’s primary entry player, and former Overwatch League MVP,  Jay “Sinatraa” Won was accused of sexual assault by his ex-girl friend, Cleo Hernandez. He was suspended by the team and Riot Games and is still under investigation. Sentinels replaced him with former Cloud9 player, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo.

Sentinels then mowed through the Masters 1 competition. They only lost one map the entire event to Luminosity and swept the rest of the field. Over the course of Stage 1, the team came away with $90,000 in prize money. The team also garnered 100 circuit points towards the VCT final competition, Champions.

The team has the NFT available for sale on Rarible and can be purchased for a limited time. At the time of writing, over 150 Sentinels NFTs are still available.

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