Sentinels enter into Wild Rift esports, opening applications for players
Sentinels Wild Rift

Sentinels enter into Wild Rift esports, opening applications for players

Sentinels enter the mobile esports sphere for the first time
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Sentinels is entering into League of Legends: Wild Rift the organization announced on July 29. Along with their announcement, they also linked an application form for any players interested in playing competitive Wild Rift. After their success on the Riot Games-owned FPS Valorant, the team is looking to branch off and add another game to their repertoire.

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Sentinels look to expand into mobile esports

Besides their foray into Fortnite, Sentinels going into Wild Rift marks their first entrance into mobile esports. Wild Rift itself is a mobile version of the popular game League of Legends but has its own development path and competitive goals. Sentinels haven’t had any experience in the League of Legends scene. But, the team looks to start with a newer, mobile version of it. Especially after winning a major title in Valorant, the team looks to continue with Riot for future games.

To start, they’re looking for North American players to join their future team, linking a form on Twitter. This new partnership marks the fifth team Sentinels is fielding in esports, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant and Halo.

Now, the growth of mobile esports globally has led to Riot making Wild Rift, which led Sentinels to look to join the mobile scene. According to their announcement post, there are “approximately 150 million Americans playing video games on their mobile devices in 2021.” They look to capitalize on the growing market to own another popular team that can lead them to victory.

If players are aiming to play Wild Rift competitively, their post includes a link to a Google Form.

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