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EPOS recently launched their global gaming campaign. They’re focusing on high-end audio equipment for the gaming industry. Positioned to be a leading global brand of headsets, EPOS claims passion for performance. EPOS is building on its Communications portfolio and are pushing a new range of headsets. We got our hands on the EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600. Here’s all the juicy info on this gaming headset.

EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600

First up, this headset looks amazing. Straight out of the box, it has everything you need to simply plug and play. The packaging is super neat and you feel like you’re opening up a box of real quality. Before even putting it on, you’ll notice the headset itself has a beautiful form factor. It’s got the look and feel of the commando headsets. These were all the rage back in the day! But when it comes to headsets, looks aren’t everything, and in fact, they are almost nothing. When you’re not a streamer and you’re using your headset for gaming, you really only care about the sound rather than the look.

As for sound, this headset sounds delightful! Switching out an older headset I had, I instantly heard the difference. Crystal clear. I started to hear frequencies, sounds off in the distance, and just pure immersion. That’s what we all really want.

While the headset isn’t full noise cancelling, most of the background noise is filtered out from the closed design ear cups. This ergonomic design provides passive noise cancellation. On their website, they call it “closed acoustic design.” I wasn’t actively searching for this feature, but it’s really noticeable. As soon as I slipped on the headset, I started tapping away at my keyboard. Even though it’s full mechanical, I could barely hear the keystrokes through the headset. This type of design also provides an immersive environment. There’s no haptic feedback, but you certainly get a sense of atmosphere whilst wearing the EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600.

Built in microphone ideal for competitive gamers

One of the biggest drawbacks is the microphone isn’t removable. Like most EPOS headsets, the microphone on the GSP 600 is completely built in. You can’t remove the microphone; you can only move it into the vertical position. Whilst this isn’t a problem for most competitive gamers, you might want to steer clear of these headsets if you’re a content creator. Most content creators have a dedicated microphone. Therefore, you don’t want to be using a headset where the microphone appears to be in the way. If you are a competitive gamer however, then this is a good option. The microphone is really close to your mouth so it only picks up your voice. Unwanted external sound is filtered out.

Aside from the crystal clear sound and lovely form factor, this headset has all the usual bells and whistles. It runs through a standard wired 3.5 mm audio cable. The part that connects to the headset however is a non-standard port. Basically you won’t want to lose any of the cables that come with the headset. The GSP 600 is also adjustable and even perfectly fits my tiny head. There’s a volume adjuster on the side of the headphones which has good tactility. Overall, this headset has no feeling of “tackyness.” Everything about it is really nicely designed, and the sound quality is top notch.

However, for top notch quality, your’re going to be paying top notch price. The EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600 is definitely not cheap. If you’re a price conscious gamer, this is definitely not the headset for you. This piece of tech will set you back $219 USD ($319 AUD), it’s definitely worth it. Head over to the website to get your hands on one today.

EPOS Gaming Campaign

While you’ll see more headsets released over the next few months, there’s even more coming from EPOS. As part of the campaign, you’ll probably see social media, esports sponsorship, and other activities throughout the rest of 2020.

EPOS is also planning their EPOS-only branded gaming lineup for launch in October this year. Keep an eye out for more information. Let us know what you like about the EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600 headset. Jump into the comments below or head on over to the forums.

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