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Sejuani is the latest champ to be spoiled for the official release of Legends of Runeterra. This Freljord champion comes with four other cards, and Sejuani has a new keyword that seems completely overpowered.

The Champion Sejuani

First, let’s look at Sejuani herself, a beefy six-mana champion that comes loaded with abilities. When she is cast from the player’s hand, she gives an enemy Frostbite and Vulnerable for the round. This ability will not trigger if she is put into play by any other means, though.

What’s Vulnerable, you ask? It’s a new keyword to Legends of Runeterra that functions a little like reverse-Challenge. The enemy unit can now be challenged by anything, forcing players into highly unfavorable blocks. Sejuani is the only spoiled unit with this ability so far. Runeterra will likely not feature it heavily, due to how powerful it is.

Sejuani levels up very easily, too. Players just have to damage the enemy nexus across five rounds. Unlike many other Legends of Runeterra champions, she doesn’t have to be on the board when the damage is done. The damage can build up throughout the game. Don’t be surprised if she comes down already leveled most games.

When Sejuani is leveled, she also gains an added ability. If the enemy nexus is damaged from any source, she Frostbites all enemy units. This ability is disgustingly powerful both offensively and defensively.

In a Freljord/Piltover & Zaun list, with all the direct damage spells at your disposal, your enemy might not even get a chance to attack. Placement on the board when attacking will prove incredibly important for Sejuani. You can push some Overwhelm damage first to hit the enemy nexus and Frostbite the enemy team, ensuring you always have an advantageous attack.

Other Runeterra spoilers

The next notable card spoiled for Legends of Runeterra is Stormclaw Ursine. This five-mana beast of a bear is very aggressively cost for a 6/6 with an ability. It grants other units with five or more power Overwhelm, which can completely destroy an enemy’s defenses. The Ursine’s main competition in Freljord is going to be Avarosan Hearthguard, who also sits at the five-mana slot. Loading up on too many five drops might force players to make cuts, so we will have to wait until the official release to figure out where the bear fits in.

After that comes the Ember Maiden. This card is unique thanks to its ability to deal one damage to everything – every unit and nexus, including your own. This card could be devastating against Noxian or spider-based lists, as both regions have a lot of early game units with one health.

Legends of Runeterra Freljord

The last two cards spoiled by Legends of Runeterra include a pump spell and a pretty beefy unit. Fury of the North is an okay pump spell, though Freljord has better kits in Take Heart and Elixir of Iron. This spell can definitely punish someone in Expeditions, though, so watch out for that.

Finally, Ruthless Raider is a 3/1 with Overwhelm and Tough. Tough hasn’t been on a unit outside of the Demacia region up until now, so this card is pretty unique. It might hint at how Riot Games will choose to blend keywords across regions for upcoming releases. Expect to see this card a lot in aggressive lists, and prepare to be frustrated when you can’t just chump block it.

If you missed it, make sure to check out our coverage of Quinn’s release in Legends of Runeterra. Let us know in the comments below what decks you’re thinking about brewing up for Sejuani and any other cards that were spoiled today. While you’re at it, follow Daily Esports for news, spoilers, and more.

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