Seattle Surge upset OpTic Chicago to snap 10-game losing streak
Seattle Surge
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Seattle Surge upset OpTic Chicago to snap 10-game losing streak

Seattle overcomes all odds to snap one of the CDL's longest losing streaks
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Just one loss away from holding the Call of Duty League’s longest losing streak ever, the Seattle Surge have won a match; they took down OpTic Chicago during the LA Thieves Home Series in a major upset. It was a streak that dated all the way back to Stage 2, with the Surge’s last win coming in April.

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This was supposed to be a walk in the park for Chicago, a match that was a minor speedbump on the way to the finale of the home series against LA Thieves. Winning this would cement OpTic as either the second or third seed in Group A, and ensure they were in the winners’ bracket for the Major. Unfortunately for the Greenwall, Seattle had other plans.

OpTic Chicago stunned by Seattle Surge

The series started out pretty regularly for both squads. Despite their 10-game losing streak, Seattle actually has a 2-1 record in opening Hardpoints in Stage 4. Compare that to OpTic, who has been quite inconsistent on Hardpoint, and the Surge taking map one makes sense.

Chicago tied the series quickly with a win in Search and Destroy, which should have spelled disaster for Seattle. The next map was Control, a game mode they haven’t been able to win in months. However, as is the storyline for the series, the Surge overcame all odds and took the Garrison Control. That was their first Checkmate Control win of the entire season.

With the series on the line, OpTic clutched in the second Hardpoint. It came down to the wire and required a steep comeback, but thanks to  Brandon “Dashy” Otell’s 37-21 KD on the map, Chicago got it done. This set up a map five Search and Destroy.

After a small delay, the Surge and OpTic went back and forth in rounds until it was 4-4. It was here that Seattle took matters into their own hands and blew through Chicago in two straight rounds to take the match. Sam “Octane” Larew was clearly the MVP of the series, posting a 1.28 overall KD and even making some flashy plays along the way.

While the win is great for Seattle, they still have a huge uphill battle ahead of them. They now sit at 1-3 in Group A and are a long shot to make the winners’ bracket. They’ll likely start in the losers’ bracket for the Stage 4 Major.

On the losing side of things, OpTic now sits at 2-2 with a huge match against LA Thieves coming up on Sunday. If they can win that, they’ll likely secure a spot in the winners’ bracket for the Major. However, after a brutal loss against Seattle, it’s anyone’s game.

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