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The last two years of professional Call of Duty have not been kind to the Seattle Surge. Despite signing star-studded talent to their rosters, they were unable to find any form of success. Seattle Surge’s one shining moment came during Cold War when Atlanta FaZe showed a moment of weakness during the Stage 5 Major.

Seattle had a lights-out performance against the once-powerful Atlanta FaZe to eliminate them from the Major in an intense five-map series. For Atlanta, the loss to the worst team in the league was a wake-up call and for Seattle, it was one moment of greatness for a doomed roster. Six months later, a newly formed Seattle Surge took on the same FaZe roster at the same stadium they were struck down in at the Stage 5 Major. With more on the line, Seattle Surge’s new and improved roster had their eyes on the kings of Cold War.

The stage is set

Despite it being the first series of the day, the Esports Stadium in Arlington was packed with fans anxiously awaiting the rematch of a lifetime. With many months, a new roster and a championship between them there was no telling how Seattle vs FaZe would end up.

From the first Hardpoint, fans were already on their feet, screaming and shouting in praise of the FaZe players who were going on countless streaks. While Seattle had earned some cheers of their own when they walked out on stage, those fans went quiet as they watched their team get dominated by the former champions.

While the Hardpoint may have shut up Seattle Surge fans, the following Search and Destroy and Control had them back on their feet. A round eleven Search had fans screaming profanities at FaZe fans and jumping around the arena as “Pred” clutched up with the ninja defuse. That momentum from the round eleven carried into the Control on Gavutu where Seattle swept the floor with FaZe in a clean 3-0.

Seattle “Drown Out” Atlanta FaZe

Down by 80 points in the Tuscan Hardpoint, Seattle Surge had their backs against the walls with the opportunity to take down the Atlanta FaZe at the Esports Stadium. It may have been the stadium and the history it carries, or the fans and their vocal cheers, but Seattle was able to pull it back. The team may be new, but history is repeating itself. Seattle took the win 250-196 for the reverse sweep and put the nail FaZe’s coffin shortly after they got their Championship rings on the main stage.

“FLOOD WARMING IN ATLANTA,” tweeted the Call of Duty League. “The Seattle Surge win the series 3-1 and take out the defending champs.”

As the final second ticked over in favor of the Surge, the entire building erupted in cheers for the side of Seattle. FaZe might have won the championship last season, but they were not the crowd favorite in Arlington. Everyone in the stands were all on the side of the Surge. For the second time at the Esports Stadium, the Seattle Surge showed Atlanta FaZe what “Drown Them Out” really means.

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