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Seattle Surge held their own against CDL Champions Dallas Empire, but ultimately fell after the attempted reverse sweep.

Dallas Empire has continued their streak of dominance despite losing to Atlanta FaZe at the Stage 1 Major last weekend. Since then, the twelve teams have been divided into new groups for Stage 2. Seattle Surge faced off against Dallas Empire in their second match of Stage 2 and was on the brink of being swept 3-0.

After a disappointing Moscow Hardpoint that ended 250-135 in Dallas’ favor, Seattle was determined to bounce back in map two. Checkmate Search and Destroy saw Seattle spring back to life, but ultimately Dallas took the map after a round 11 clutch. The third map on Garrison Control put Seattle’s backs against a wall after going 2-0 down on the map. However, great individual plays from all four members of the Surge helped them pull off the reverse sweep. Dallas was unable to close out the third map for the win and ultimately lost to Seattle 3-2 in Control.

Seattle nearly clutch a round 11 Search and Destroy against Dallas

The fourth map saw Seattle finally begin to work together as a unit rather than separate pieces of a whole. They were able to defeat Dallas 250-149 on Raid Hardpoint and looked to pull off the reverse sweep in the series. Express Search and Destroy–a new map in the rotation–would be the game decider. Both teams had not played Express Search and Destroy before that game, which meant there were no known strategies. Dallas held Seattle on Express and was able to take it to another round 11.

Despite star-player Sam “Octane” Larew having full streaks on the map, Dallas member  Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal was able to stall out the one versus two. With only 6 seconds left on the clock, Octane was unable to finish the defuse, leaving Dallas with the win overall in the round 11.

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