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The arrival of Season 6 in both Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War has introduced new weapons, map additions and more. However, there’s an extra piece of content that some fans may have missed out on. This is the Season 6 Combat Pack, which can be claimed by certain Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players.

The Combat Pack is an exclusive DLC available to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players. Sony and Activision are still entangled in an exclusivity deal pertaining to Call of Duty, meaning PlayStation players will continue to get free and exclusive content moving forward. The most recent example of this content is the Combat Pack, which PS players can claim for free after following a few easy steps.

Claiming the Season 6 Combat Pack

In addition to being a PlayStation user, players also need to be a member of PlayStation Plus. This is a monthly subscription needed for online play, so most CoD players probably have it. If players are a PS Plus member and actively have an Activision account, then they qualify for the Season 6 Combat Pack. They can follow the steps below to claim their content:

  • Head to the online PS Store, sign in to the main account and select the Season 6 Combat Pack
  • Download the pack
  • Alternatively, players can visit the in-game Store in Warzone or Cold War
  • Go to “Franchise Store” and download the Combat Pack from there.

Either of these options will allow players to claim their free Combat Pack. The pack contains the following items:

  • Epic Operator Skin for Kwan Song – Motorpool
  • Epic Tactical Rifle Blueprint – Ravine Wrench
  • Epic Emblem – Body Work
  • Epic Wrist Accessory – Working Hours
  • Epic Sticker – Chosen Cog
  • Epic Calling Card – Armored Vehicle
  • 60-minute Double XP Token.

That’s all players have to do to claim the Season 6 Combat Pack. All of the content is accessible in both Warzone and Cold War, assuming players use the same account for both games.

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