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New content is finally arriving in Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone battle royale. The mid-season update, called “Season 5 Reloaded,” is set to drop on Tuesday, August 25. As with all of these content drops, there are new game modes, weapons, and Operators coming to both Modern Warfare and Warzone. However, with this update in particular, a new event is also arriving: the “Games of Summer.” That event comes to both titles on Friday, August 28, and lasts until September 7.

Season 5 Reloaded in Modern Warfare and Warzone

To start, let’s check out what’s coming in the standard content drop for both games. Remember, game modes are specific to either title, but the new weapon and Operator can be used interchangeably between the two.

Game Modes

  • Warzone: Kingslayer
  • Modern Warfare: Gunfight Tournament
  • Modern Warfare: Ground War Reinforce


  • Morte


  • Finn light machine gun


  • Triple Feed XP Weekend
modern warfare warzone season 5 reloaded
Image via Call of Duty

This appears to be a pretty standard mid-season content drop. The Finn light machine gun was previously data-mined and looks to be the Titan LMG from Black Ops 3. It will be interesting to see how Infinity Ward chooses to balance yet another LMG in Warzone specifically.

In regards to Gunfight Tournament, this is a playlist that will be free in both titles starting on August 28. The playlist will run until September 2 and feature rewards for the winners of any given tournament.

Games of Summer event

Lastly, Season 5 Reloaded will introduce the Games of Summer event. This will feature new Trials and offer rewards for players who complete the Trials. Also, it appears that Verdansk Stadium will be a new Gunfight map for the duration of this event. The rewards are expected to be a limited time offer, so don’t miss your chance to earn some exclusive content!

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