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The launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard has gone relatively smooth. The servers have been holding up, performance seems strong for a majority of players and no game-breaking bugs are present. However, there is one glitch that’s breaking Search and Destroy in Vanguard. The glitch was discovered by professional players who have been playing S&D in private matches since Vanguard launched.

Essentially, the bug allows players to see when the defenders are defusing the bomb after it has been planted. Since Search and Destroy’s main objective is to plant the bomb, this is causing a major stir within the community.

Search and Destroy bomb glitch in Vanguard

This glitch was first popularized by streamer and Search and Destroy enthusiast Mutex. He showcased how the glitch works in a short Twitter video, which drew the ire of many players in the comments since he’s teaching others how to perform the glitch. However, it’s important that Sledgehammer Games knows about the bug so they can go about fixing it in Vanguard.

With the glitch players can see when the bomb is getting defused in Search and Destroy. Players can plant the bomb, or have a teammate do it, and then they back aim in on the word “Defend” that appears over the bomb. As long as players do this, they can see exactly when an enemy comes along to defuse it. The word “Defend” becomes “Defuse” and this lets players know that an enemy has hopped on the bomb. This glitch works no matter how far players are away from the bomb site.

Obviously, this breaks the game mode in almost every fashion. Players no longer need to worry about eliminating enemies when they’re on offense, as they can simply plant the bomb and wait for an enemy to start defusing. Sledgehammer Games has not yet commented on the matter.