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According to player reports, the infamous Search and Destroy defuse glitch has returned in Call of Duty: Vanguard. The glitch was originally found in multiplayer, but was patched out by Sledgehammer Games in the Nov. 18 update. However, a new version of the defuse glitch has returned in Vanguard and it looks worse than before.

In the previous version of the defuse glitch, players could plant a bomb and then see if an enemy was defusing it. This was done by aiming in on the bomb’s icon on the map, effectively ruining Search and Destroy matches. The Nov. 18 patch solved that particular glitch but now, players can once again see if enemies are defusing a bomb in Search and Destroy.

Defuse glitch has returned in Vanguard

The returning glitch was first showcased by Twitter user @TheMW2Ghost, a well-known leaker in the Call of Duty community. They were apparently playing a match of Search and Destroy on the map Oasis when a player could see a red bar on the blue bomb’s icon. This red bar was apparently signaling how far an enemy was from defusing their bomb.

TheMW2Ghost didn’t explain if any particular action triggered the glitch. However, after the bomb was planted, spectators could see the red bar fill up on the bomb’s icon. When it completely filled up, the bomb was announced as being defused. It’s unclear if this was a one-off instance or if it will crop up regularly once again.

These kinds of issues are causing rifts in the Vanguard community. The Call of Duty League Challengers division even asked league operations if they could delay the start of their season due to glitches like this. Sledgehammer Games has only released one large update, due to the studio being on holiday at the end of November. However, with Season 1 shortly releasing, it’s likely that we’ll see more problems fixed soon.

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