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Chinese developer Rampage Games launches their new MOBA Genesis today. The team only recently announced the game, but they aim for it to bring traditional MOBA gameplay to consoles. Genesis is built from the ground up for controller play and will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 at launch.

Console-exclusive MOBA

The title is sure to stand out among other MOBAs for a number of reasons. For one, it is currently releasing only on PS4, a console not traditionally dominated by strategy games. According to the developers, “Genesis kept the traditional game-play of MOBA and incorporated a painstakingly optimized joystick control system.”

It is also pretty rare for a new entry in the MOBA genre to have a sci-fi setting. Genesis seems to draw some inspiration from Overwatch, at least if the featured concept art is any indication.

Genesis MOBA console ps4

Genesis will also feature at least one unusual character among its starting roster of 28 playable heroes. Retrying Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm experiment with Cho’gall, Genesis will let two players control one hero in co-op mode.

Genesis gameplay

Aside from using controllers, Genesis is geared to be a classic MOBA title. The default mode is five-versus-five team match, with heroes filling out classic roles like Tank and Support. The game also has an item recipe system, which League of Legends players should find familiar.

While the primary focus is on competitive play, Genesis will also feature a PvE campaign. It promises players “an immersive experience outside of the usual competitive MOBA game-play.”

Genesis MOBA PS4

Genesis releases today on PS4 in North America. European and Asian launches will follow tomorrow and on Aug 15, respectively. Additionally, eager players can pre-register for some in-game rewards at launch. Rampage Games has given no word yet on when the game will launch on other consoles, if at all. Similarly, a PC release seems unlikely any time soon.

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