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Ezra Samsora Morris won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at CEO Dreamland 2020 in Orlando, Florida on March 15. Though many top players dropped out, the event was still comparatively more stacked than its Super Smash Bros. Melee counterpart.

Samsora’s road to 1st place was a rocky one from the outset. In pools, he dropped games to Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma and Saul “MenaRD” Mena. Though Samsora beat Tach “Tachyon” El 2-0, he went to game five against Ricky “LingLing” Gorritz. Interestingly, Samsora used both Zelda and Peach in his set against LingLing.

Samsora advanced into top 8 on winners side after beating Kobe Murray 3-1. Despite dropping the first two games in his Winners Semis set with Aaron Wilhite, Samsora pulled off the reverse 3-0. Samsora beat Zackery “ZD” Darby in Winners Finals and Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan in Grands, becoming CEO Dreamland 2020’s Ultimate champion.

CEO Dreamland 2020 marked Samsora’s second Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament victory of the year. His first was at the smaller Tampa Never Sleeps 8 in January. Samsora opted to donate a portion of his prize money back to CEO. Other players made similar donations, including Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby, Shintaro “Kuro” Kakihara, and Michael “Mikeray4” Ray.

Other results from CEO Dreamland 2020 Smash Ultimate Singles

Kola entered the losers bracket fairly early, suffering an upset loss to ZD. However, he put together an impressive losers run in order to place 2nd in CEO Dreamland 2020 Smash Ultimate Singles. In top 16, he beat Kuro, Kevin “Capitancito” Rossell, and Kobe. Kola beat Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero, Gakuto “Gackt” Ito, Tyler “Marss” Martins, and ZD in top 8 before losing to Samsora.

ZD had an unexpected run through the winners bracket, making it all the way to Winners Finals. Along the way, he beat Antony “MuteAce” Hoo, Kola, Vincent “Vinny G” Ghiroli, and Gackt. This was one of ZD’s best performances since the early days of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Despite entering CEO Dreamland 2020 Ultimate Singles as the No. 1 seed, Marss dropped into the losers bracket incredibly early. Marss lost to Hunter “Player-1” Rogers in pools, forcing him to make a deep losers run. To reach top 8, Marss defeated the likes of Alan “Gen” Soriano, Jestise “MVD” Negron, LingLing, and Vinny G. Then he eliminated Jonathan “Venia” Grullon and Aaron before Kola ended his run at 4th place.

Aaron had an unfortunate top 8 bracket, as he lost to the top two seeds to finish in 5th place. Nevertheless, his run to Winners Semis using Diddy Kong was quite impressive. Aaron took sets off of Troy “Puppeh” Well, Steven “Anathema” Acosta (who had just beaten Kuro), and Alexis “Goblin” Stennett.