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In a recent dev blog that showed off the game’s early 2022 roadmap, Legends of Runetera has some big changes coming. The dev video and blog post on the official Legends of Runeterra YouTube channel and website showcased what is coming to the game in the first half of 2022. The roadmap outlined the game’s plans from March to the end of July with a lot of surprises coming for players. Path of Champions 2.0, Runeterra Champions, Arcane skins and champions reworks highlight the big changes coming to Legends of Runeterra soon.

March-Major Balance Update

In March, players can expect a huge balance update to bring the metagame into a more balanced state. Legends of Runetera doesn’t issue major balance updates like other Riot Games’ titles do like Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends which receive balance updates bi-weekly. So with that said, this balance update is big for players of the game. Also coming in March are Infernal skins and cosmetics.

April- Major Balance Update, Champion Adjustments, LoR 2nd Anniversary

Players can expect another Major Balance Update in April as well which will be two months straight of those coming out. But also in April the LoR team will be bringing in some adjustments to underplayed Champions. The dev blog mentioned that the goal here is to “take a look at some champions who could use some attention to make their game plans smoother to execute and bring them up to a more competitive level.”.

Finally for April is the celebration of the game’s second anniversary. With it, players will be receiving free Arcane skins for Jinx and Vi.

May- New Expansion, Runeterra Champions, Path of Champions 2.0, Seasonal Tournament, Pulsefire event

May is by far the biggest month of the year so far for Legends of Runeterra. A brand new expansion will be released in May that includes PvP and PvE. This expansion will bring brand new strategies into the game. Speaking of new strategies, this expansion will also be debuting a new feature to Legends of Runeterra called, “Runeterra Champions”. In the dev video, Jhin is one of the new champions coming to LoR in May. But he is different than all the other champions. He is the game’s first Runeterra Champion. Runeterra champions “wander around the world” which means that they are not tied to one region. Using a Runeterra Champion in a deck allows a player to use cards from all of the other regions which will open the metagame wide open.

On top of that, Path of Champions 2.0 debuts alongside the first Seasonal Tournament on the road to Legends of Runeterra Worlds 2022. Also the next event for the game, Pulsefire, will be included in the big month as well.

June – Major Balance Update

June will have a much-needed Major Balance Update after the release of all the new content coming in May. Also, the Rift Quest skins and cosmetics will be making their debut in June as well.

July – New expansion, expansion event pass and Seasonal tournament

To round out the first half of the busy 2022 year, July will feature another new expansion and with it an event pass. The second seasonal tournament will be held in July as well.

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