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The entire RunAway roster is headed to the Overwatch League

The season two champions of the Korean Overwatch Contenders are now flying high in the Overwatch League. According to the team’s social media, every member of RunAway is signing a contract to an OWL team.

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There has been much speculation on the future of this team, and whether they would join the league this season. For example, many people were concerned that the owners of RunAway were asking for too much for their players. Additionally, There were multiple rumors that Lee “Flowervin” Hyuna and Dae-hoon “Runner” Yoon were making players hold out accepting offers. It seems now that those rumors must have been false.

Flowervin, a co-owner, and manager of the team, would confirm the news on her stream. She is clearly very happy that she is sending all her players to the Overwatch League, as many people say that RunAway is built like a family. Additionally, Flowervin would state that every team member is heading to the OWL, but did not specify if they were on the same team. Therefore, the championship-winning roster could be breaking up this coming year.

RunAway: Humble Beginnings

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Whether or not the team is sticking together, it is a momentous occasion for Flowervin, Runner and the rest of the team. It is icing on the cake of a wonderful 2018, where they were able to finally capture the Korean Contenders title. Many people know of RunAway, the ragtag band of players who have always been underrated in the Korean Overwatch scene. They are a lovable group of friends and players that you cannot help but root for.

Back in Korea, this team was one of the biggest underdog stories of the year. In the first Overwatch APEX season, RunAway would finish in 13th place, an abysmal placing. No one would expect them to make a miracle run in the second season. The boys in pink would end up reaching the APEX Finals but would ultimately lose to Lunatic-Hai. Still, they would gain many Korean Overwatch fans.

RunAway would go through many hardships throughout their time in Korea. For example, their constant disappointment at multiple second-place finishes was taking a toll on the team. Whispers of the team disbanding were in the air. However, they would all persevere through the pain and in the process, they would broadcast themselves across the world via vlogs and videos. Their transparency as a small organization would help win the hearts of Overwatch fans across the world. All of their sacrifices would culminate into their win at Overwatch Contenders Season Two. A storybook ending for Korea’s favorite team, and here they are, stepping onto the big stage.

Possible Teams?

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There are few teams that these talented RunAway players could join at this stage of the offseason. The only places they could go to are the newly introduced Overwatch League expansion teams. One such team could be the Toronto Overwatch League team, who will be announcing their branding and roster at the end of the month. This could be a huge first step for the full roster of RunAway. Meanwhile, Flowervin and Runner will continue to manage RunAway back in Korea, with a whole new set of players. Hopefully, they can maintain the success they have created for themselves over the years.

We wish the Flowervin, Runner and the RunAway roster the best of luck moving forward! Fighting!

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