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When details failed to surface regarding Super Smash Bros. Challenger Pack #4 at Gamescom, rumors began circulating again about what character will be joining the fight. Nintendo UK listed a page for the next DLC character apparently referencing SNK, maker of Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters among others. This SNK detail was hidden within the copyright information surrounding Challenger Pack #4. As of this writing, Nintendo has since removed the DLC page altogether. So could this have been an accidental leak of information before Nintendo was ready to go public? It’s possible.

Could it really be an SNK character?

Speculation has been running rampant about just what IP Nintendo will be bringing into Super Smash Bros. next. With no actual confirmation from Nintendo themselves, nor any date for the next Nintendo Direct, it’s all a big question mark at this point. Players, however, are probably growing quite anxious and antsy for the reveal to finish off the DLC fighters. They will join what is pretty much an already packed roster.

Nintendo will really have a hard time outdoing itself if it makes future Smash games for sure. At least some people seem to have responded positively to what is being interpreted as an accidental leak. Samurai Shodown is available on PS4 and Xbox One and began as a fighting game franchise in 1993. It’s heading to Nintendo Switch and PC seemingly in the final quarter of this year. This new version is a reboot of the franchise. Nintendo could very well be teaming up with SNK to do a bit of cross-promotion with the game headed to their console. Hopefully, we will hear official news shortly.

Another rumor points to Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, a Tecmo property, coming to Smash Ultimate instead, but that rumor has been floating around with unsubstantiated details for a while now. If the next character is in fact from SNK, it’s likely to be Terry Bogard from King of Fighters, being a major mascot for the company.