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The time has officially come for the 2020 Call of Duty League to begin. While no matches are being played, cities can now start to form their teams in a period called “Rostermania”. Per the rules set by Activision, organizations that existed in the 2019 CWL who have a spot in the 2020 CDL can start negotiating with players on their roster. This is an 8-day head start on the rest of the cities that did not participate in the 2019 CWL. Instead, those teams will have to wait until Sept 3 to sign any players to their roster. You can check out the full details of the league here.

2020 CDL

What can we expect from Rostermania this year?

In years past, Rostermania was always a hectic time. Players and organizations desperately tried to navigate their way past others to secure the best situation for themselves. We’ve seen dynasties broken up and friendships ruined during this time period.

However, previous years will pale in comparison to what the 2020 season has in store. The upcoming Call of Duty League features amenities and security that no other year can match. Players will be chomping at the bit to be a part of it in any way.

With stable salaries and benefits on the line, all bets are off. However, the real fun won’t start until Sept 3 when every available COD player can sign to a team. For right now, only OpTic, Splyce, and Envy are open to negotiations with their contracted players. Here’s the full list of current CDL teams courtesy of @INTELCallofDuty.

2020 CDL

There have been no signings so far regarding the three teams. That said, Envy is the most likely organization to start signing players, as they are the most stable. OpTic’s situation with Immortals is complicated, and Splyce hasn’t said much of anything about the COD League.

Players, however, are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to land on a CDL organization. Some are offering to relocate, and others are listing off their accomplishments in hopes of sparking some interest. It’s safe to say we’re in for a wild ride when the real season begins.

With all of that said, we’ve already heard some shocking rumors circulating. While we have nothing concrete to report – yet – if any of these rumors come to fruition, the 2020 CDL will be must-see TV.

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