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After a month’s extension of Rocket League‘s Rocket Pass 3, Psyonix has revealed what’s in store for Rocket Pass 4, set to launch on Aug 28. With a neat trailer, they showcased several new items – including, of course, a new battle-car: The Mudcat. That was already teased in the Radical Summer trailer, and now we’ve received our first good look at it. Players will automatically unlock the basic version of the octane-hitboxed battle-car with the premium Rocket Pass and will upgrade it throughout the tiers as usual.

Rocket Pass 4 will cost 10 keys, but for the first time, there will be an extra option with the Premium Bundle. This will grant players a 12-tier head start for 20 keys. That’s half the price of what it’d cost you to buy those 12 tiers separately.

What else is new in Rocket Pass 4?

Besides all the sick items you’ll unlock, Psyonix has also made some changes to the challenge system. We’ve mentioned this before in the Rocket League Fall Roadmap update, but let’s review it again. Currently, the weekly challenges that help you tier up faster are set to expire when the next set of challenges begins. With Rocket Pass 4, that’s history. You will now be able to go back to previous weeks’ challenges and finish those for some extra experience. This will make it extra easy to get to tier 70 and start collecting those awesome painted and special edition items.

Unfortunately, the official Rocket Pass 4 website isn’t live yet, so we don’t know all the items. Keep your eyes peeled, though, because we’ll hopefully see it soon. In the meantime, it’s at least worth replaying the trailer a few times, because it’s easy to miss some of the background details. We can’t wait to start tiering up again, and we’ve got until Dec 4 to collect as much as possible! How far did you get in Rocket Pass 3? Let us know in the comments below.