Rocket League Season 6 will launch on March 9 with a Toon Theme
Rocket League Season 6 Rocket Pass brings cartoons to the arena
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Rocket League Season 6 will launch on March 9 with a Toon Theme

Space battles give way to childhood memories
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Rocket League Season 6 will feature a toon theme and launches on March 9, Psyonix announced on Monday.

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After three months, the sci-fi themed season 5 comes to a close and makes way for a toon theme, which includes a new variant of the Neo Tokyo arena as well as a new Rocket Pass. Gone are space battles and invaders from a different part of the galaxy and in come the colorful and over-the-top items many might recognize from their youth.

Rocket League’s toon theme brightens up season 6

Based on the previews, the new items and styles in Rocket League Season 6’s Rocket Pass are more colorful than usual. With pink monsters, anvils, patched-up tires and unicorns, players can expect a vibrant overload of stimuli. The new Neo Tokyo arena also adds some more cartoon-like hues to the otherwise more gritty map. Of course, Rocket League maps are purely aesthetic, so it does not affect how the game is played.

Rocket League Season 6 also introduces a new Limited Time Event, which includes a Limited Time Mode, but Psyonix has stayed mum on the details. More will be shared at a later date, the studio said.

Season 5 Rewards

The Rocket League Season 5 rewards will also arrive with the launch of the sixth season. Players will receive the ever-popular Goal Explosion reward based on their highest rank reached and, as opposed to the usual immediate negative response, players expressed enthusiasm about the reveal.

Psyonix is often the target of the community’s ire when new season rewards are revealed, but the response for Season 5 was much more positive than the previous season. But, while some still complain, the ranked rewards are rarely seen in actual gameplay. Most players style their cars one way or another, usually without any of the season rewards. Even those generally liked are a rare occurrence in your average online match.

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