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Psyonix has revealed the Rocket League Season 3 rewards as the season approaches its end. Along with the usual titles for Grand Champion and above, players will be awarded a universal animated decal based on their highest rank.

Season 3 began on April 7, 2021 and is running through Aug. 11. It is the third season since the game went free-to-play (hence Season 3 as opposed to Season 17). The community responds, as usual, to the rewards with mixed feelings. While many believe them to be clean and fairly good-looking, others are disappointed that the rewards are once again decals. This was also the case in December of 2020 with Season 1.

Rocket League Season 3 rewards bring back decals

While Season 3 is nearing its end and decals are once again rewarded for all the ranks, no information was given yet on Season 4. The Rocket Pass that accompanies the seasons is also yet to be revealed, but fans will be pleased to see the current one ending.

Going by the community’s response on reddit and Twitter at the time of its release, the current Rocket Pass is one of the most disliked passes to date. Fans also criticize Psyonix for returning to decals as opposed to other rewards. Goal explosions, for example, have only been awarded twice in Rocket League history, with the last time being for Season 10 in May of 2019.

Trails (for going at supersonic speed) have also been awarded just once; back in Season 4 in 2017. At the time, the reward was an introduction to the new feature that allowed players to customize their trails. Trail customization has been a core feature ever since, but it has yet to receive another season reward.

However, there are many who like the new decals for Season 3. For those who are still grinding to claim their desired reward, time is running out. Season 3 ends on Aug. 11, while Season 4 is expected to begin the same day or the day after.