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Rocket League developer Pysonix truly loves to tease its fans. News on the summer update, announced back in July, is being drip-fed to the community. With new ranks and Rocket League going free-to-play bombshells, Psyonix has yet to give us the full scoop. Today, they revealed the revamped system for Challenges.

The new Challenges are actually kinda cool

The current challenges in Rocket League are fairly basic. Do X to get Y experience. Some give more than others, but that’s it. They are also heavily linked to the Rocket Pass, and players who bought the Rocket Pass get three premium Challenges on top of the three Basic ones. They’re really just there to tier up your Rocket Pass faster.

The new challenges will be entirely separate from the Rocket Pass and will introduce new season-wide challenges as well. Fortunately, so far it looks like you don’t have to worry about playing 50 games of Rocket League with a Scarab, that super annoying boost or those awful wheels. The objectives are in a similar vein as before: play 50 games, score 150 goals, earn 100,000 XP, etc.

Rocket League Season Challenges

The rewards, however, are the difference maker. Some still award XP, but you can now also get tradeable items, ranging from the most standard stuff, all the way to black market rarity. These items are currently all locked behind blueprints (formerly loot boxes), for which you have to pay real money to unlock. These challenges, however, will reward something Psyonix has aptly named “Drops”—little Pokéball-looking things that open up and award a free item. The Drops even have a color scheme to show you the rarity of the item you’ll get.

And here’s the kicker: currently, items are usually part of a series, based on what loot box they were in. In order to trade in five of these items for one item of higher rarity, you’d need five items of that specific series. With the next Rocket League update, any item can be traded in with each other, regardless of series, just as long as they are the same rarity.

Of course, be warned, because that also increases the pool of items you can get in return. If you want a specific series’ item, the chance will be much smaller.

Newcomers to Rocket League get their own challenges

Those who start playing Rocket League when it goes free-to-play—whenever that might be—will be presented challenges to teach them the ropes. By completing these more simplistic challenges, they unlock the items that were once part of the paid version.

Unfortunately, Psyonix has yet to reveal when the update drops. They called it the Summer Update, but we’re headed into September soon. There’s not much time left. The current ranked season was extended until the launch of the update and it’s set to end on August 31. Unless Psyonix plans to reveal a lot of information in the coming days, however, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Rocket League go free-to-play next week.

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