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We finally know what’s replacing Rocket League’s loot boxes. As announced a while ago, Rocket League is completely doing away with crates and keys. Instead, Pysonix just revealed, we’ll be obtaining blueprints, which can be crafted into items with the new currency that will replace keys.


Starting from December, blueprints will take the place of crates entirely. After every match of Rocket League, blueprints have a chance of dropping, much like the crates now. These blueprints will create a specific item, sometimes in painted, certified, or special editions. You’ll see exactly what it’ll create and how much of the new currency it’ll cost you to make it. This looks like a great change that will completely remove monetized randomization. The blueprint itself is not a guaranteed drop, but you’ll know what you’re spending your money on once you have it.

So if Rocket League crates are going away, what happens to all those items that were available in those crates? For starters, any crate you have now will be converted into a random blueprint from that series. This includes black market items. It’ll still cost you money to craft, but again, you’ll know what you’re spending it on. However, Black Market items will be more expensive than lower quality items. If you’re stacked up on crates right now, you’re better off waiting until December to see what blueprints they’ll turn into, rather than spending money on a random unlock. Your keys will also automatically convert to the new currency.

A word of warning: the items you’ll get from blueprints, or any monetized items for that matter, can no longer be used in the game’s Trade-In system. Only free items that randomly drop will be able to be traded in. This does not mean the items cannot be traded to other players, which wasn’t clarified.

Item shop

If you don’t have any crates, or got unlucky and your desired blueprint didn’t drop, you’ll still have a chance to get items from the retired crates. With the introduction of the item shop and its matching new currency, you’ll be able to buy new and legacy items on a rotating system. Most importantly, we can also expect the Titanium White Dominus to appear, possibly one of the most requested items in the game. Items from the shop cannot be traded and are forever bound to your account.

One more Rocket League crate…

Before the update goes live this December, Rocket League will see one more crate. With the Vindicator Crate, we’ll see a Batmobile-hitboxed car that goes by the name of Sentinel. It’ll also feature a new goal explosion, but we’ll have to wait until Oct 3 to find out what else is in the crate. Whether many people will bother opening the crate with this news is a question that time will answer soon…

All in all, this looks like a fantastic change for the game. Loot boxes going away is always good news, but a fair system such as this is a very welcome surprise. How many unopened crates have you accumulated over the years? Let us know in the comments below.

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