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It’s been a while since Rocket League last saw a new game mode. With last summer’s Radical Summer event, the game modes Ghost Hunt, Spike Rush, and Beach Ball were introduced, and for permanent new modes we have to go all the way back to 2017. Spike Rush made its return earlier this month, and now Rocket League players are being treated with another limited-time 3v3 event: Heatseeker, where every hit makes the ball seek the opponent’s goal with increased speed.

Heatseeker turns Rocket League into even higher-octane action

In Heatseeker, every hit of the ball automatically locks onto the opponent’s goal. On top of that, its speed will increase, meaning it becomes harder and harder to defend. A good aerial hit will demand some proper aerial defense. But don’t hit the ball too high and hard close to the opponent’s backboard, as hitting the backboard will make it turn on you in the blink of an eye, and you’ll find yourself racing back into defense or putting your teammates in a pickle. It sure looks like a chaotic game mode that’s bound to bring in some laughs the faster the ball goes. The team that reaches seven goals first wins.

While it’s nice that Rocket League is getting another limited-time event to have some fun with, the question is how long it’ll actually be used. But perhaps the fact that the game mode is only available for four days will see people making the most of it. It’ll also likely end up becoming a mutator for private matches, but ultimately these game modes are a gimmick that people quickly grow bored with and set aside to go back to regular Rocket League. Go to any sizeable Rocket League streamer and you’ll find that none of them are playing newer game modes days after they were launched.

This fact even translates to permanent game-changing modes like Snow Day, Hoops, Dropshot, and Rumble. The four game modes were added to the ranked environment not long ago, and even though that made the playlists more populated, Rocket League players always tend to go back to the standard game modes. But hey, at least with Heatseeker the bronze ranked players will finally be able to put a shot on target.

Heatseeker will be available from Thursday, April 16 until Monday, April 20. Anyone who logs in during this period will also get a free new banner.

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