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With a Fall Roadmap post, Psyonix has revealed their plans for the coming months and Rocket Pass 4. We’re technically in the final week of Rocket Pass 3 — at least, if the challenge system is to be believed — but now it seems we have a few more weeks to grind out some rewards.

Rocket Pass 4

With their post, Psyonix informed us that we have another month to finish up our Rocket Pass or gain even more bonus tiers. This is to decrease the gap between RP3 and RP4, which arrives on Aug. 28. And there is even a glimpse of the new battle-car it features, hidden in the Radical Summer trailer!

With Rocket Pass 4, Psyonix will also make a small change to the challenge system. Whereas you now have a single week to finish all the challenges, Rocket Pass 4 will allow players to go back to previous weeks’ challenges and finish those up. This is a small but very convenient change to give casual players extra opportunity to reach the final tiers of the Rocket Pass, or for the more dedicated players to get some bonus tiers.

The start of competitive season 12

Along with Rocket Pass 4 comes competitive season 12. Season 11 will end on Aug. 27, with season 12 starting that same day after a title update. This is usually two hours after the end of the season, so we have no reason to expect it to be different this time. Of course, you’ll also be rewarded with end-of-season items, though what they might be is still anyone’s guess. Psyonix will reveal the rewards closer to the end of the season.

Other changes

In the last roadmap, Psyonix discussed some desired changes, such as inventory management, a party-up system, and quality-of-life improvements to the trading system. These are still in development and should release sometime later in 2019. What else we can expect is the addition of High Dynamic Range Audio. What exactly this will change is unclear, but there will soon be an in-depth look at the new sound of Rocket League.

Another much-desired update is one to tournaments, which will also come later this year. Tournaments are currently lackluster and have no real point to them. Psyonix plans to automate scheduled tournaments with rewards. This will hopefully incentivize players to try and sign up for them.

Halloween will also make a return, and it will work like other Rocket League events. Players can collect a currency through gameplay which they can use to unlock new, thematic items.

You now have a month to reach your desired rank or get some extra Rocket Pass tiers. How did you do this season? How far did you get in the Rocket Pass? Let us know in the comments below.