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The Rocket League Esports Shop is finally getting its second batch of RLCS Esports items. On Feb. 4 we will see some updated items from organizations who have rebranded, as well as new introductions from those who recently entered the RLCS. Additionally, some who relegated were removed from the rotating shop.

New organizations in the Rocket League Esports Shop

Initially introduced in April 2019, the Esports Shop offered players items from 11 different organizations. Some were notably missing, while others were added on their own at a later time, such as SpaceStation Gaming and Complexity. The latter was removed from the rotation with this update after they relegated from RLCS and subsequently released their roster. Splyce and Evil Geniuses are the other casualties.

But while some take their leave, others are finally introduced. The next update will welcome the following organizations to the Esports Shop:

  • Reciprocity
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • Veloce Esports
  • eUnited

A notable absence is that of FC Barcelona, whom many have been waiting for since their introduction to the RLCS. Unfortunately, it seems that the legendary football club from Spain has not yet come to an agreement with Psyonix. Parisian football club PSG looked to have faced similar issues before the roster left the organization last year. The skin for PSG existed in the game files but never saw the light of day. The same can likely be said for AS Monaco.

NRG, having rebranded their look, are also finally getting an updated look in the Esports Shop. The world champions were given a fully stocked shop for a limited time shortly after the RLCS Season 8 World Championships, but to the disappointment of many, these were still the old designs. NRG fans can now finally represent their organization with the fresh look. And if you prefer the old design? Not to worry, as you will be allowed to keep and use those as well.

For a preview of all the items, check out the official announcement.

Fennec decals on the way

The new Fennec Battle-Car rose quickly rose in popularity, especially when Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak went on a tear with it in a competitive setting. Ever since, fans have begged Psyonix to add decals for the Fennec to the Esports Shop. Good news on that front, as Psyonix community manager Devin Connors confirmed on Reddit that Fennec decals are on the way and will be introduced in March, along with a larger content update.

RLCS fan rewards

RLCS Season 9 will also introduce new fan rewards for watching the stream. Unfortunately, Psyonix has decided to reveal those at a later date, so we’ll have to be a patient just a bit longer. The next season of RLCS begins this weekend on Feb 1. for North America and Feb. 2 for Europe. So you’ll have to go just one match day without representing your favorite org in the ranked ladder, but after that you can head straight to the Esports Shop and pray that your organization is in the rotation for that day.